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Ebbeh Soup: What Africans Eat

Get ebbeh soup recipes here. Soups are one of the foods that most people tend to ignore. But do you know that soups have amazing benefits to the body? Though it might seem like a light meal, they help keep your body well-nourished and full. Though you may enjoy different variations, Ebbeh soup is one of the treats you cannot afford to miss in your diet regardless of the season.

And the best part is you can season it and customize it to a nutritional powerhouse.  But for you to get a real authentic Ebbeh taste, you got to know its preparation. Though not that complex, how you quantify and choose your ingredients matters.

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But before we get down to the recipe, here is an overview of Gambian dining etiquette and culture. Read on!

Gambian Dining Etiquette

The Gambia is one of the culturally diverse African countries. This is depicted by its unique culinary art. And for years, Gambia has kept its cuisine. Food is an integral part of major celebrations like circumcision, marriage, baby naming, and funerals.

The cuisine felt here is part of West Africa’s culinary art. Most of the dishes include fish, rice, cassava, peanuts, black-eyed beans, vegetables, and traditional spices.

By nature, Gambians are welcoming and soft spoken. Don’t be baffled if you are ushered into a Gambian home. All meals start and end with hand washing.  Guests are not allowed to turn down food.

Food is eaten with the right hand.

Women take care of the young ones and prepare all the meals. Older girls may also help their mothers in the kitchen and taking care of their siblings. Boys accompany their fathers and participate in some of the hefty jobs that girls cannot handle.

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Children are advised to follow their parent’s occupation and interests.  Polygamy is practiced, and women are given the freedom to divorce their men when they feel like. However, they are not allowed to confront their husbands when they marry another wife.

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Off from cultural matters to our Ebbeh soup recipe.

Ebbeh Soup Ingredients

1 pound cassava (peeled and cut into sizeable chunks)

2 beef stock cubes

1 large onion (chopped)

250g Banga fish (smoked with bones and flakes removed)

40g black Tamarind

4tbsp lime juice

Palm oil




  1. Clean your cassava and put them in a large cooking pot. Add water and salt until the cassavas are fully covered, then season with salt. Simmer and cook for about 15 minutes until tender.
  2. Drain all the water and set aside.
  3. With the help of a  motor and pestle, pound your cassava into a thick consistency
  4. Sauté your onions until they are slightly brown. Add your cassavas and the other remaining ingredients apart from lime juice.
  5. Add about two liters of water and bring the mixture to boil. Stir and taste if the seasoning is well incorporated.
  6. Add lime juice and enjoy while hot

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