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Buticha is a traditional Ethiopian delicacy that touts of its high nutritional content and flavor. The dip is usually prepared with chickpeas or fava beans mixed with lemon juice, olive or canola oil, water, pepper, onions and other traditional spices. The delicacy goes well with Injera, and one thing that makes it stand out is its easy preparation.

Unlike most delicacies that require you to undergo lengthy cooking, this Buticha recipe does not require cooking at all, yet it offers full nutrition. This has made this dip an excellent pick when you are in a hurry and need something to eat.  

But before we lift the veil for you, let’s have a quick overview of Ethiopian culture.

Ethiopian Culture

Ethiopia is one of the African nations that was never colonized. The country’s culture is community-centered, and influenced by different ethnic groups. With over 114 million population and 80 different tribes, Ethiopia is rich in culture and diversity. The dancing, culinary art, and cultural practices in Ethiopia set each tribe distinctively apart and further enriches the uniqueness on this ancient land.

Ethiopians are friendly and very welcoming. Their cuisine mainly comprises of spicy meat and vegetables. Beef, chicken, and lamb are enjoyed on special occasions. All food is enjoyed with hands. Washing hands before meals is mandatory.

Women take charge of all household chores like cooking, washing dishes, taking care of children and general cleanliness of the house. Women also take part in planting crops in the farm and support during harvest. Men, on the other hand, do physical jobs and take responsibility for providing for the family.

The Ethiopian culture gives high regard to the elderly. Children are expected to respect their elders by standing up and bowing their head slightly as a sign of respect.

Greetings are highly valued, and just as it is in many Sub-Saharan African countries, bypassing someone whom you know without saying a word is a serious sign of disrespect. Handshake and kisses are some of the typical greetings used by both men and women. Children shake hands and/or bow their heads when greeting their elders.

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Now moving off from cultural matters to our Buticha recipe. Below is a list of what you’ll need:


450g canned chickpeas, drained

1 tsp black pepper (freshly ground)

3 garlic cloves (crushed)

1 lemon

1 chopped Jalapeno pepper

3tbsps canola oil

1 medium-sized onion

1 ½ tsp spicy mustard (brown)


  1. Cut your lemon in half and squeeze the juice in a cup. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them until you get a smooth, consistent mixture. Add water if desired
  2. Season it with pepper and water
  3. Enjoy with injera

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