sudanese kahk recipe

Sudanese kahk recipe is one of the most treasured cookies across the globe. Normally, the cookie is popular during Easter, Christmas, and Eid holidays. The cookie features a circular shape, but you can get creative and make any shape you want out of it.

Baking flour, sugar, milk, and butter are the main ingredients. Cardamoms, vanilla, and cloves can be added to spice it up. Others stuff walnuts, dates, or pistachios, while some enjoy it plain. No matter how you like it, this cookie’s taste doesn’t disappoint.

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Due to the variation in cooking ingredients, families exchange their kahks to see who prepares the best.

What Makes Sudanese Kahk Recipe Unique?

Kahk recipe is not only popular in Sudan but across Arabic countries. The treat has an amazing taste that satisfies the soul.

In Sudan and Egyptian culture, baking Kahk is a social and traditional activity. Women Muslim and Christian alike gather to prepare this amazing treat. They share stories and recipes.

In Egypt, preparations of Kahk take place at home before taking them for commercial purposes or communal ceremonies.

The cookies are highly treasured, and families pass wooden or ceramic Kahk molds from generation to generation.

History of Kahk Recipe

Kakh recipe was first prepared in Egypt in the 18th century. Though modern shape varies from the old ones. More than 100 different shapes were found in different Dynasty tombs.

Before visiting tombs for their ancestors, Egyptians make pie-sized kahks known as shurik. Locals believe that Shurik has magical amulets.

The history of kahks started when Tulinid Dynasty bakers made kahk recipe molds with kol wishukr (meaning eat and say thank you) words imprinted on them. As time went by, the recipe became popular and part of traditional and political culture.

Egyptian Christians adopted the recipe. And though their sacrificial bread didn’t feature a kahk shape, it is similar to the cookie.

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Today, the recipe is popular across the globe and more so during holidays. No Muslim or Christian celebration is complete with one.

Now, lets switch gears and focus on our recipe.


2 cups all-purpose baking flour (sifted)

1 cup powdered sugar

4tbsp melted butter

5 ml salt

1 cup milk

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup cooking oil

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cardamom powder

2 tbsp sesame seed (roasted for 10 minutes in the oven)


  1. Put flour, salt, cardamom, vanilla, baking powder, sugar, sesame seeds in a dough mixer, and mix them thoroughly.
  2. Add cooking oil, butter,  and mix for five minutes. Pour the milk and mix evenly.
  3. Transfer the dough into a basin and apply 1 tsp of cooking oil on top. Let it sit for half an hour.
  4. Roll the dough on a flat surface and use a folk or cookie cutter to shape the cookies.
  5. Preheat the oven up to 2000 C. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.
  6. Leave it to cool and dust powdered sugar before serving.

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