About US

What we Do:
We are Afro-ethnic and community multimedia platform with an aim to inform, inspire, and entertain. We seek to use our space to amplify the voices that won’t otherwise be heard, and leverage opportunities in media to build and promote the force needed to strengthen our community. We creatively curate multi-media editorial content and community resources, provide media coverage  for events, run video streaming services to support rising and accomplished artists in our community, and offer brand and marketing strategies on new markets to our partners.  

What Drives Us:
We are snatching back incorrectly told stories and retelling it by using media to correct media. With a collective voice, we are moderating our community dialogues, and calling for reeducation and redefinition.

What we Believe:

The Afro- community in the diaspora has an important role to play in Africa’s fledgling democracy. AfroGist Media stands as a lighthouse for journalists from the continent to freely distribute their work without censorship as they continue to function as a gadfly system for a better society. Through the First Amendment of the United States and the protection guaranteed under its constitution, the younger generation of Africans who have been far removed from the ‘state of Africa’ will become civically engaged, and through our work, the outside community with open mind can get to know more about Africa; its people, its history, its struggle, and its promise. 

Victoria Olani-Oyaniran Chief Content & Marketing Officer
Saeed Arshad Chief Digital & Tech Officer
Vicky WambuaContent Writer
Chris Ray Legal Counsel
Andrew EgbuchiemArtist Network Coordinator
FatouCommunity Strategist
Robert Mpoyo Community Strategist
Richard Iyasere Media Products