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cornes de gazelle recipe

Cornes de Gazelle Recipe-A Moroccan Pastry

Cornes de Gazelle, a.k.a Kaab el Ghazal is a traditional Moroccan dessert that’s so unique in taste, shape, and preparation too. One thing Morocco...
Malagasy Clafouti

How to make Malagasy Clafouti Perfectly Well

Clafouti is a Malagasy fruity dessert that has a strong French influence. The name may sound ambiguous, but it is simply a dessert with...
Kenyan Black Forest Cake

Kenyan Black Forest Cake Recipe for Any Occasion

Black forest cake is one of the most African desserts that grace most parties and big events. You will be forgiven if you think...
Egyptian Umm Ali

Egyptian Umm Ali Recipe| The Unbeatable Dessert

Umm Ali, a.k.a Om Ali, is a national Egyptian dessert that dates back to the 13th century. Locals love this amazing treat due to...
cocada amarela

Cocada Amarela Recipe| Angolan Dessert

Cocada Amarela is an African tasty dessert that boasts of its tantalizing flavor. The recipe is one of the popular and most loved treats...