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Upcoming Films to Watch in 2020 By, For, and About Black People

We all might be bored at this point in quarantine after watching all those movies and shows that really tickle our interest...
working full time in college

Working Full Time In College: False Myths You Should Ignore

The debate about whether working full time in college is good or bad is one of the hottest discussions with agile supporters...
studying and working as a parent

Studying And Working: How To Balance Parenting and Working While Returning To School

Studying and working at the same time is a big deal and a lot of responsibility to juggle. When parents take up...
African Travel Bucket List Ideas

African Travel Bucket List Ideas: 20 Exciting Ways To Experience African Culture

Like many others, your travel bucket list ideas may have been put on the shelf due to the recent pandemic. However, as...
essential oil natural beauty products

The Best Natural Beauty Products You Can Make From Home: African Clean Beauty

The best natural beauty products are made from unprocessed organic ingredients. Because such products contain zero harmful chemicals, they are the safest...

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