Luwombo is a traditional Ugandan delicacy where beef, chicken stew, fish, or mushrooms are perfectly steamed in banana leaves. History has it that the dish was first prepared by Chief Cook Kawunta back in 1887, but as time went by, the cuisine has spread all over the continent. The hotel industry has also embraced the culture, and today, you can enjoy your Luwombo at most international restaurants.

When preparing the dish, it is crucial to use banana leaves to bring out the real authentic Luwombo taste. And today, we will take you through the cooking process on how to make a tasty Luwombo the Ugandan style. Let’s jump right in.


  • Roasted chicken (8 pieces)
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Two medium onions (finely chopped)
  • Three medium tomatoes (chopped)
  • Sliced mushrooms (1 cup)
  • Smoked fish 1 lb.
  • Four plantains (peeled and cut in sizeable pieces)
  • Banana leaves ( a must)
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive or palm oil


  • Add oil in your cooking pan and fry your fish until brown
  • In another pan, sauté your onions, and garlic. Add your mushroom and stir for about two minutes
  • Add your tomatoes, pepper, salt, and smoked fish. Stir for two minutes and add water to make your sauce thick. Simmer and let it slowly cook under medium heat
  • Put water in a large cookpot and bring it to boil. Dip your banana leaves inside and let them soften well for better flexibility. Once they have softened, carefully remove them and let them cool down. Carefully remove the central rib of your banana leaves and cut them in rectangular shapes
  • Lay one leave flat and put on the center some pieces of chicken, fish sauce and plantains. Ensure you leave enough space to fold the ends and sides.
  • Place the folded leaf on another leaf while making sure that the folded ends are placed down. This is to make sure the content are well secured. If need be, you can add a third layer to be sure water can’t find its way inside. In every added layer, make sure you fold the ends and sides properly with an oven-safe string. If you cannot find a string, a banana fiber can do. Continue wrapping your food until the mixture is used up.
  • Place your wraps in a saucepan and cover it with a banana leaf. Pour boiling water and cover it with another pan to conserve the steam.
  • Place the pan on a source of heat to accelerate the steaming process. Cook it for about one and a half hours then remove the wrapped banana leaves. Cut the twine or fiber and unwrap your Luwombo. Enjoy it when it’s still hot.

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SOURCEAfrogist Media
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