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Located in the Indian Ocean on the East Coast of Africa is Seychelles- an island that boasts of its rich and diverse cuisine Sseychelles recipes. A high number of the population here are immigrants, which has given rise to different cultures.

The Island is famous for its fresh fish and seafood. Nowhere in the world offers fresh seafood like Seychelles, thanks to its surrounding waters.  Most of the culinary dishes have traditional spices and coconut milk with unique fusion influences from France, Asia, European, and Africa.  

Coconut milk is used in place of water for lot’s of cooking, and a good example is when preparing the Kat Kat recipe. Typically the delicacy is made with bananas and coconut milk. If you love bananas, you will love this recipe!

Let’s explore Seychelles culture before we delve in today’s recipe. Here is a lowdown:

Seychelles culture

Just like its cuisine, Seychelle’s culture is diverse. The Island boasts of its cultural heritage which it has maintained up to date. Unlike some of the African nations which underrate women’s contribution to society, in Seychelles, things are different. Women are the ones who run the businesses and also take part in leadership roles in government.

However, women are expected to dress decently. It is a taboo for women to talk to men in a friendly way as it is interpreted to having sexual interest. Men are expected to show respect when interacting with the opposite gender and avoid any touching in public.

[bctt tweet=”In Seychelles, it is a taboo for women to talk to men in a very friendly manner as it is viewed as having sexual desire”]

Men to men use handshake when greeting. Women to women may shake hands or give a kiss on the cheeks depending on the type of friendship. Children are expected to greet adults with a kiss on cheeks.

Now let us switch our focus on today’s recipe


  • 6 bananas (ripe)
  • 3 tbsp caster sugar
  • 3tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 400ml coconut milk


  1. Wash your bananas and place them in a clean bowl. Peel one by one and reduce them in 5 cm rounded pieces
  2. In a medium-sized saucepan, add your coconut milk, lime, and caster sugar and set the heat to medium
  3. Stir to ensure the sugar fully dissolves. Keep an eye on your coconut milk to avoid it from boiling
  4. Put your banana slices inside, simmer, and cook them for about 3 minutes. Stir again but this time in a gentle manner to avoid spoiling the bananas
  5. Remove your banana pieces and put them in a separate bowl. Pour your coconut milk into two separate bowls and put the banana pieces inside the coconut milk. Enjoy while hot
  6. Alternatively, you can also put it in a fridge to chill then enjoy

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