Sishwala Recipe: A Traditional Swaziland Breakfast


Sishwala recipe is a traditional porridge which is popularly enjoyed in Swaziland. The porridge is prepared with dried sugar beans, maize flour, water, and salt. Before Sishwala is cooked, the beans are soaked overnight and seasoned with salt to avoid lengthy cooking. The delicacy features a unique preparation style that is different from the regular porridge. Though the porridge has a bland taste, it is served with veggies and meat to enhance flavor and nutritional value.

In Swaziland, Sishwala is one of the treasured traditional dishes that are enjoyed at home and on special occasions. Today, we feature this special recipe. As a practice, let’s get a quick overview of Swaziland culture.

Swaziland Culture

Swaziland culture is deep-rooted in its music, food, art, and kingship. The population is made up of different Nguni clans who speak siswati (the Nguni language). Most of these clans reside in South Africa and Eswatini.

The local cuisine mainly comprises of grains and vegetable. While most people may enjoy, lighter meals like porridge- rice, corn, and sweet potatoes are often eaten.  Stews made of spinach, green beans, or pumpkin grace such dishes on the sides.

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Meals are served according to age groups, and eating is done with the right hand. Meat is consumed on special occasions. Cows are costly and are used as currency to purchase a property or payment of bride price.

Traditionally, a home is viewed as the central social unit which is headed by a man. Marriages are arranged and are customarily viewed as a union between two families and not two partners. Polygamy is lower as compared to the past due to the growing rate of Christianity in the country. However, Kings are allowed to be polygamous.

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Despite the rapid modernization, some cultures are still observed. Men and women’s dress code hasn’t changed and resembles that of their ancestors. Hairstyles are not an exception. Men have maintain the axe hairstyle while women often wear the beehive style. It is a taboo for women to dress in a manner that reveals their thighs.

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Now, let us get down to our Sishwala recipe


1kg maize meal flour

500g beans



  1. Soak your beans in a large basin with cold water overnight. Wash and rinse properly
  2. Transfer your beans in a large saucepan and add water until they are fully covered. Add salt and cook until tender.
  3. Drain the water and add warm water and allow the beans to cook for five minutes then add the maize meal and salt. Stir thoroughly until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and cook them for 30 minutes
  4. Serve and enjoy

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