Eid Ala Adha

Nothing can spice up any party like a well-prepared dish. And despite the traditions that Covid-19 has interrupted, there is no reason for sticking to one delicacy. But you don’t need to wait to have a party to enjoy these recipes. Also for our Muslim brothers who are looking forward to making this year’s Eid Ala Adha memorable, these delicacies can be a great pick for you.

However, these dishes are not only ideal for Muslims. Non-Muslims can also enjoy them any season of the year.

And below is the lowdown

1. Moroccan Peach Roasted Chicken

If you have ever had a taste of the Moroccan peach roasted chicken, you will agree that it’s addictive. In Morocco, there is no part without this chicken recipe.  Its sweet and juicy flavor satisfies your taste buds.

So, those looking forward to making their Eid Ala Adha worthwhile should not overlook this Moroccan chicken recipe. And the best part is that you do not need any lengthy preparations which may keep your loved ones waiting for long. Get a detailed recipe here.

2. Egyptian Ful Medames

In Egypt, there is no greater way to start your day than having Ful Medames for breakfast. The delicacy is loaded with proteins and fiber to keep your body nourished all day long.

The dish is one of the ancient Egyptian dishes which date back during the Pharaonic era. It is prepared with Flava beans, and other traditional spices to give it an Egyptian flare.

But one thing you ought to be accurate is when quantifying your spices or else you won’t get the preferred flavor. And here is a Ful Medames recipe to get you started.

3. East African Pilau

Pilau, aka pilaf rice, is one of the dishes that are popular in East Africa. But one thing that makes this dish stand out from any regular rice recipe you may find is its intense, fragrant aroma.

During its preparation, the rice is flavored with African traditional spices that invigorate your taste buds. Its taste and aroma are addictive, and you can’t just get enough.

However, just like any other spicy dish, you need to get the right spices and quantity to achieve the desired taste. Check out how to prepare yours.

4. Gbegiri Soup

There is no greater way to keep you full and hydrated all day long that a cup of Gbegiri soup. Better still, in times of flu and cold, soups never disappoint, and this Gbegiri is not an exception.

And in Nigeria, there is no party is complete without Gbegiri soup. You name it, from Ramadhan, Christmas, and cultural events.

Though the delicacy is popular among the Yoruba tribe, it is one of the hearty dishes in West Africa and beyond. The soup boasts of its pleasant and tasty flavor that is irresistible.

So if you are looking to have the Yoruba flare in your celebrations, this soup should be the go-to.

5. Kushari

Though most Muslim celebrations feature meat, no party is complete without plant-based foods. And this Egyptian Kushari would be an excellent pick for you. The dish is a blend of Asian, Italian, and Middle – East flavors.

Its rich flavor gives your taste buds and orgasmic feeling. But this is only achieved if you know how to blend all these culinary spices perfectly well. To obtain a tasty and savory flavor, here is a detailed Kushari recipe to get you started.

For our Muslim brothers, we wish you a happy Eid Ala Adha

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