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Asida recipe is a traditional North African delicacy with an Andalusian origin. The dish is usually prepared with the wheat dough, which is cooked with honey or butter. Asida is popularly enjoyed in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somali, and Tunisia. However, each country has its variation. In Sudan, the dish is typically served with a savory tomato sauce, in Libya, Asida is served with sweet syrup, usually a carob syrup or date with honey. The delicacy is served with hot potato and onion sauce or a mixture of honey and butter in Tunisia.

The meal is most treasured in North Africa and is mostly enjoyed during religious ceremonies. No child naming ceremony in North Africa is complete without Asida. The dish is also recommended for women who are in labor. However, though the dish may seem simple, knowing how to prepare a perfect Asida requires years of practice. It is one of the dishes, which teenage girls cannot be left to cook alone. So they need to get the recipe right and know the rules of preparing it correctly. And today, we bring the taste of North African Asida right to your kitchen.

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But before we delve into cooking, here is a quick overview of Tunisian dining etiquette.

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Tunisian Dining Etiquette

Tunisia is a multi-cultural nation with its culture being a product of more than 3000 years. For years, the country has kept its cultural diversity. Its rich history reveals strong successive Mediterranean cultures, which are strongly represented to date.  

Its cuisine is a blend of Berber and Mediterranean cuisine. Its distinctive spiciness in its cuisine is an imprint of many civilizations of different countries that ruled the land. These include the French, Phoenicians, Berber, Italians, Ottomans, Spanish, and Romans.

Women and girls prepare all meals. Food starts with hand washing and prayers. Tunisians like inviting guests for meals, but never assume your invitation extends to your spouse or friend. Enquire first. Guests are required to leave their shoes outside before entering the house.

Food is served according to age groups.  Men, women, and children dine separately. Food is eaten and passed using the right hand.

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10tbsp wheat flour

1200ml of water

10tbsp of Semolina

6tbsp honey

Olive oil



  1. Sprinkle few drops of olive oil in a cooking pan and heat for one minute. Add all your ingredients into the pan and whisky until the mixture is perfectly thick and bubbling.
  2. Transfer the mixture in a bowl and mizzle olive oil and honey
  3. Enjoy with the middle and index finger of your right hand.

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