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Mouthwatering North African Dishes That Never Disappoint

North African cuisine offers a unique dining experience. The joints are known for their exotic North African restaurant dishes that stand out from the crowd. North Africa itself is a region that is popular for its vibrant, tantalizing, and exotic flavors. If you have had a taste of Northern African dishes, you sure can attest to this. The blend of traditional spices fills the air with an intense aroma that is enough to make your family and neighbors drool. This post takes you through some of the exotic North African restaurant dishes that will make you wow North African cuisine.

So what exactly does the North African cuisine comprise of? Let’s get into the meat and potatoes:

North African Cuisine

North African cuisine is a unique blend of flavor from Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria. For example, just like every African country, the North African nations differ in their culinary traditions and signatures. Clearly, they have, at one point, share some cooking traditions. Some dishes may have different names due to diversity of language and dialects, but by and large, they maintain the same cooking style or oftentimes with a slight change in the basic ingredients and add on.

As a result of its distinctively broad culinary base and art, Northern African cuisine got its uniqueness. The cuisine felt here today has a strong influence from Arabia, Europe, and of course, Africa. One of the most treasured foods in North Africa is flatbread. It is sacred and special, and consumed daily in many households.  Couscous, on the other hand, is a simple food. Despite its simplicity, it is a staple and a highly treasured dish in Northern Africa.

It is important to know that most meal in North Africa is finished with a cup of mint tea. During this time, the family shares their challenges of the day. This is also a perfect time to connect with the guests who may have been invited for the meal. Mint calms the nerve, and North Africans take advantage of this to cool down a day of stress.

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Curated below is a lowdown of mouthwatering North African dishes you should definitely try out.

Moroccan Chermoula

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Chermoula is very unique to Morocco. The country is one of the North African countries with the most creative and exotic dishes with indigenous Maghreb cooking style. Most traditional dishes use traditional aromatic spices like ginger, cinnamon, paprika, coriander, turmeric, and saffron, and this Chermoula is not an exception.

The delicacy boasts of its vibrant, irresistible flavor that is so addictive to enjoy with a spoon. The recipe is a blend of lemon, herbs, and spices, making it a perfect immune booster. Get the full recipe here.

Egyptian Ful Medames


Egypt, aka the land of Pharaohs, features a unique cuisine different from other North African countries. Most of the traditional dishes are similar to Middle East cuisine, and are spiced to perfection.

Ful Medames is another loved delicacies and North African national dish that is enjoyed locally and across the world. The classical dish is prepared with Fava beans, lemon, and traditional spices to bring out the authentic taste for African cuisine.

Ful Medames dish is enjoyed for breakfast. They contain highly nutritious ingredients to keep your body fueled for longer. Here is a detailed recipe to get you started.

Sudanese Mullah Robe


Sudanese cuisine is as a result of cross-cultural influence. Though it has some influence from indigenous Africans, Arabs also played a role in the unique culinary art felt here today. The Arabs also introduced traditional spices like garlic and pepper, which are used in the preparation of Mullah Robe, among other Sudanese traditional dishes.

Mullah Robe is one of the hearty dishes you can never miss when you visit Sudan. The classical dish touts of its vibrant and exotic flavor that gives your taste buds an orgasm. Usually, the dish is prepared using lamb bullion, lamb pieces, traditional spices, and yogurt.  The final dish is tasty, and if you love meat, we can bet you won’t get bored with this recipe.

Tunisian Ommik Houria


Ommik Houria is a healthy Tunisian salad that is simple but nutritious. Unlike other salads that are enjoyed while raw, Ommik Houria has to be cooked. One thing about Tunisian cuisine is that it was unique on its own and cannot be confused with dishes of its neighboring countries.

The native Tunisians were Berbers are were known for their simple cooking. Arabs, Phoenicians, Italians, Turkish, French, Romans, and Moorish are the culinary influencers of the Tunisian cuisine.  

But one thing that connects Tunisians with other North African food is their love for vegetables. And if you are one of those people who love vegetables, this Ommik Houria recipe won’t disappoint.

If you have been taking notes from the start, by now you should be savvy enough to identify and even educate others on the awesome burst of Northern African cuisine. If you are into it, you are so on your way to become a supermodel chef! If not, when next you sit in a North African restaurant, you now have enough preparation to engage and savor the dish.

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