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Buticha Recipe

Ethiopian Buticha Recipe

African Taste and Cuisine You can Learn on the Go Buticha is a traditional Ethiopian delicacy that touts of its...
Langouste a la vanilla

Langouste a la vanilla Recipe| Comoros Cuisine

Langouste a la vanilla is the national delicacy from Comoros. The dish is typically prepared with South African lobster and vanilla beans....
Caldeirada de Cabrito Recipe

Caldeirada de Cabrito Recipe| Angolan Cuisine

Caldeirada de Cabrito is an Angolan delicacy which is prepared with goat meat and Chourico with a little Piri Piri to...
Plakali Recipe

Plakali recipe | Ghanaian Cuisine

Plakali is a traditional dish from Ghana, which is usually prepared using cassava flour. The delicacy is popular among the Nzema and...
Isidudu Recipe

Isidudu recipe | A Southern Africa Cuisine

Isidudu is a southern African morning pap, which is usually prepared with sour corn flour, curried cabbage, pumpkin, and liver.

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