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kat kat recipe

Kat Kat Recipe: Seychelles Cuisine

Located in the Indian Ocean on the East Coast of Africa is Seychelles- an island that boasts of its rich and diverse...
makayabu recipe

Makayabu Recipe | Congolese Cuisine

Makayabu is a traditional Congolese dish prepared with salted fish, vegetables, and traditional spices. The dish is known for its un-resistible taste and is...
nswaa recipe

The Secret to Preparing a Tasty Nswaa| Ugandan Cuisine

Nswaa is a traditional Ugandan snack that is prepared using termites and spices. Nswaa is highly nutritious with high levels of proteins. The termites...
peanut stew

How to Prepare a Mouthwatering Peanut Stew| Ugandan Cuisine

Peanut stew is one of the treasured dishes in Uganda. The delicacy mainly comprises of peanuts, peanut butter, vegetables, and traditional spices. Unlike most...
Ethiopian Kitfo recipe

Ethiopian Kitfo – The Classical African Food you Should Never Miss

Ethiopia is one of the African countries that boasts of rich cuisine among many around the world. Its culinary art is special;...

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