African Food & Recipes

Brought to you by foodies who have tasted most food and beverages in the world, and have tracked the influence of African tradition, culture, herbs and styles in many food. From blog post that details their experience to cooking tips and recipes, you can expect more from these guys.

Jarret de bouef

Jarret de Boeuf Recipe| Chad Cuisine

Chad is a geographically diverse country which comprises of 200 ethnic groups. Just like its diverse ethnic community, so is its cuisine. The cuisine...
congolese food

Makayabu Recipe Congolese Cuisine

Makayabu is a traditional Congolese food prepared with salted fish, vegetables, and traditional spices. The dish is known for its un-resistible taste and is...
comoros foods

M’tsolola recipe Comoros Cuisine

Get the comoros foods recipe here. Comoros is an island located in coastal Africa. The island was first discovered in 1529 by Grande Comore....

Kapenta Recipe, Health Benefits, and Selection Tips

For those who probably have never heard of Kapenta, it is a small nutritious fish species which is populary known as ndaga or dagaa....
Chikwanga Recipe

Chikwanga Recipe|Congolese Cuisine

How To Prepare Fresh Chikwanga- A Congolese Dish Chikwanga recipe is a traditional Congolese dish prepared by pounding cassava, and wrapping it on banana leaves...