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peanut stew

How to Prepare a Mouthwatering Peanut Stew| Ugandan Cuisine

Peanut stew is one of the treasured dishes in Uganda. The delicacy mainly comprises of peanuts, peanut butter, vegetables, and traditional spices. Unlike most meals that...
caribbean coffee cake

Caribbean Coffee Cake Recipe|Must Have For Breakfast

Caribbean coffee cake is one of the treats you cannot afford to miss in the morning. As the name suggests, it’s great enjoying with...
babenda recipe

Babenda Recipe: Burkinabe African Fermented Soup

Fermented African Soup | Home is Burkina Faso Babenda is a traditional Burkinabe delicacy that is prepared using fermented locust beans (Dawa Dawa, Tamarind), fish,...
African dishes

5 Finger-Licking African Dishes for Your Events After Lockdown

We all have meaningful events that we had to postpone due to the pandemic. Well, lockdown will soon be over, and that event still...
Jarret de bouef

Jarret de Boeuf Recipe| Chad Cuisine

Chad is a geographically diverse country which comprises of 200 ethnic groups. Just like its diverse ethnic community, so is its cuisine. The cuisine...