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Why is your money disappearing?

No one is more qualified to teach about mammon principality and the havoc it wrecks on humans than the man who has been a deliverance minister almost all his life. Dr. Olukoya has continued to spread the message of salvation, Holiness, and spiritual breakthroughs through the power of the Holy Ghost. Of His many spiritual tutelages, we bring you the 5 Hidden Truths that Rip off Money Without Remorse.

In less than a few days, 2022 will be a wrap, and it may begin to dawn on you that you don’t have enough in your treasury despite having worked hard and earned so much. This does not imply that hardwork doesn’t make wealth; it just means people have decided to worship money instead of God. Being surrounded by certain unending circumstances like health challenges or money obtained from illicit activities can rip off money, thus denying the tendency of wealth. However, the source of the money earned determines if it yields profits even if invested wisely. As a believer, the money you spend and give to God matters Mattew 27:6. To better understand what rips off money, here are the hidden truths.

1. Practicing Money Ritual

rip off money
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Money obtained from rituals or killings never bring happiness, and neither does it last. The only thing it brings is vanity upon vanity. Rather than gain, losses are mostly incurred. Therefore, anything acquired due to ritual or blood can contaminate everything else in a person’s life. Not only does it drain wealth, it also causes a strain on maintaining a healthy relationship with God. Entertaining blood money is like building a satanic altar in your heart, Exodus 20:3. Even if you are consistent with 10% tithing, you might not reap its blessings and benefits. 

2. Malevolent Spirit

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Spiritual attacks are real! And as a result, it can infringe on finances. As Christians, it’s our call to be prayerful and watchful. Not all money you receive is clean; some have been used to conjure certain evil and demonic spirits. When combined with existing funds, unprecedented occurrence begins to happen, leading to excessive and reckless spending. 

3. Money with Poverty Power

poverty power
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Imagine being entangled with someone who is wretched and poor; intuitively, it is clear that nothing good can come out of such a person. So is possessing money that has poverty power. Just like a stain on white, money can be stained with poverty. In this case, the money is available but has no positive impact on your life. Such monies only stay for so long before they start to diminish. They never last or yield timely profits.

4. Lack of Understanding about Tithing

rip off money
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Many believers are broke and devastated due to negligence or ignorance of tithing. Having the right understanding of tithing and giving first-fruit offerings can prevent wretchedness. For instance, tithing 10% of your money sanctifies the remaining 90% such that when invested in anything will always yield massive returns. Read Malachi 3 to grasp more insight about tithing.

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5. Terminal Health Challenges
rip off money
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One of the many reasons you can’t boast of having lifelong savings despite consistent hardwork and labor of love is because health challenge, with or without insurance, rips off money, especially if it’s a terminal disease. 

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Bottom line

Not all money is acceptable to God; likewise, you should avoid associating with dirty money. Tender your finances to God in prayers, bless every money you receive, and pray against every polluting spirit that may deny building wealth in good health with the money your earn.

Have you been experiencing financial setbacks or seemingly losing money to intangible things? Pray these prayers to break free.

  1. Heavenly Father, bury any pollution that has entered into my money. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  2. Lord, erase every sorrow attached to every money I spend and receive. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  3. Lord, destroy every spirit of mammon roaming around to exchange my wealth and prosperity with lack and failure. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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