How to Defeat Terrifying Addiction with Godly Altar


The Power of a Prayer Altar.

If you think there is no redemption from your years of slogging sinful accustomed nature, remember the story of the biblical icon, King David — a man after God’s heart, Act 13:22. David conspired to have Uriah killed to possess his wife out of covetousness. Can we say David was a serial rapist after what he did with Beersheba? Undoubtedly, David suffered from a cunning, terrifying disease known as Addiction. King David was a slave to sin despite all the power and blessings God bestowed upon him. But he was able to defeat the addiction with a Godly altar.

Addictions are like a black hole. It pushes away everything good and leaves the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. Apostle Joshua Selma, in one of his many spiritual teachings, discussed the “Misery of Altars,” which we will be referencing as we proceed in this article. He says an altar is a place or platform where covenants are activated and maintained. And addictions are the result of demonic altars.

Like a void, addictions grow wide and become a force that’s impossible to control. The continuous demonstration of recreational habits to unwind from a long stressful day and the constant use of substances to feel normal is a seemingly never-ending vicious cycle. It inflicts suffering and makes life miserable and unbearable. No fulfillment comes from addiction. 

Conversely, as a Christian, you are not left behind on the subject of Addiction. Did you know that nearly 70% of Christians are porn addicts?. Just like everyone else, believers are victims of negative habituation. If you are struggling with sexual immorality, gambling, alcoholism, mental issues due to excessive intake of drugs, witchcraft, idol worship, etc. Don’t fret because this article was created to help you defeat and overcome this seemingly harmless act orchestrated by demonic powers. 

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This is not to scare you. But over time, addictions evolve into something even more dark and vile. It may seem as though it’s impossible to break free from it. You may even think the way out is to continue the addictive cycle. Most times, these acts do not come by will but by forces conjured in the satanic realm. There is a way out! You no longer have to repeat the cycle. The solution to this is to build a strong prayer altar. 

Just like we have Godly altars, demonic altars also exist. Demonic altars power certain evil occurrences, so you need a Godly prayer altar to subdue your addiction. “An individual, family, or church can be victims of negative altars,” says Joshua Selma. A strong prayer altar can help you discern spiritual and territorial expressions. It gives you the key to unlock supernatural powers and a sword to conquer forces that operate on a legal basis. According to Apostle Joshua Selma, here is how to defeat terrifying addiction with a Godly altar.

1. Genuine Brokenness and Repentance

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As long as the Altar of sin and iniquity is empowered in our nation, in Africa, in our homes, and everywhere, we will not be able to see the glory of God. Without genuine repentance, we can’t receive the mercies and the gift of salvation. Salvation is powered by an altar that sits on God’s throne. Just like Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more.” Repentance is refraining from your old ways and consciously choosing a new path. It means acknowledging you have a problem and deciding to turn back from it. It could be anything; stealing, backbiting, killing, covetousness, cheating. Sin offers temporary comfort but ultimately leads you down a trail of destruction. Remember that old Sunday school song?

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus’ – “Tho’ none go with me; still I will follow… The world behind me, the Cross before me; No turning back, no turning back.”

Turn to Him prayers, and He will cleanse and cut you loose from all chains of brokenness, 2 Samuel 24:10.

2. The Word of God

defeat addiction with Godly altar
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To break free from every infectious act, you must return to the word of God. The promises of God will continue to unfold till the end of time. But the question is, are you ready to take on the baton that will help you walk in these manifestations? For instance, 1 Corinthians 2:12 reminds us that God has given us His spirit so that we can know the wonderful things He has freely given us. The word of God is a shining light that directs and nurtures our daily lives. With the word, you can evoke the spirit of God in whatever terrifying situation you encounter. That’s what a prayer altar does for you. It builds your faith and empowers you to overcome every contrary ordinance. 

3. The Power of Sacrifices

In one of Apostle Paul’s letters to Romanians, He said, “our bodies are a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable to God.” Just as it is difficult to break free from Addiction without genuine repentance, it is impossible to escape Addiction without submitting yourself to God. Your heavenly father wants you, so His will is good, pleasing, and perfect for you. Adore Him with beautiful songs of Praise. Despite being locked up, Paul and Silas rendered sacrifices of praise and prayer to God, Act 16:25.

defeat addiction with Godly altar
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The death of Jesus Christ was a sacrifice of redemption — the salvation that no demonic altar can contend with because of the sacrifices that made it happen. Not even the most miserable addicts will engage with God and not receive freedom. He paid it all on the Cross. Go on your knees and give God all the appraisals He deserves because you are free!

Defeat all forms of addiction with a Godly altar by rendering these prayer points.

  • Every negative pattern or frequent occurrence that is inconsistent with what the word of God says, in the name above all names, I bring them to an end now! Amen!
  • Patterns of untimely death, Addiction, delay, and poverty are broken now in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Bottom line

You no longer have to struggle because God has rendered all contrary altars over your life impotent. However, continue saying yes to Him, and He will keep fighting all your battles.



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