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Ayi Kwei Armah wrote that The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born. I think African women are living proof that they are now born, and Armah should now withdraw his sentiments or write another book titled “ The beautiful ones are now born.” That’s right! He’s got to search in Africa for these beautiful ones, and give credit where it is due. African countries have the most beautiful women on earth.

Africa is a haven of “angels”. African women come in black or caramel sweet skinned. Especially when they carry that grace of elegance, wisdom, confidence and humility, they are the most beautiful women; the kind of women your parents used to tell you to work hard in school in order to have one for yourself. This article is not meant to say that some African women are more beautiful than their counterparts, but aims at highlighting the beauty of an African woman.

The assessment here is also limited to only what naked eyes can see. For every other qualification of beauty including those specific virtues that many may or may not have, and which help deepen beauty from mere vanity to substance, you’d have to do more than looking. The bottom line, however, is that all African women are beautiful in their own special way. So, ready to find out the 10 African countries that have the most beautiful women? Let’s do it!


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Kenyan women are gorgeous and with a good sense of fashion. If you are looking for dark skin women with a gloss then Kenyan women got it all. Kenyan women are curvy but not to the extent that it is too good to be true. On personality, Kenyan women aren’t created equal. Most men prefer the post-independent Kenyan woman who seems to be outgoing, open-minded, and adventurous.

9. Eswatini

The Kingdom of Eswatini might not look as big on the map but they have the most beautiful women in the game. What makes Eswatini women tick and stand out is their traditional outfits that almost every girl or woman wears with pride. When you visit Eswatini at the right time of the year, be prepared for a lot of surprises and a beautiful display of cultural experiences from the Eswatini women. Everything about Eswatini women is beautiful, and falling in love here is guaranteed!


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One of the many things that set apart Tanzanian women from the rest is that they are cultured. They are very caring and once you fall in love, there is no going back. Despite Tanzania being a highly conservative country, women here are beautiful. The beauty here goes beyond fancy clothing. Tanzanian women are very attractive and gorgeous, and they tend to give men like us sleepless nights with their beautiful smiles. Look out for red lips and other assets around the back features.

Photo credit: Tuko


Nigerian women are very beautiful, curvy, charming, and classy. They are famous for being tall, dark, and romantically appealing. The maintenance cost for a Nigerian girl is very expensive and you have to be prepared to pay for the entire expenses. Nigerian women just like Kenyan women are very adventurous and open-minded as well as family-oriented. If you want a Nigerian girl to take you seriously, tell her you are going to meet her family members and you will just have hit the right nail on the head.

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If you have ever visited Yaunde, Bamenda, or Douala then you’ll understand when I say Cameroonian girls are the real deal. They are beautiful and gorgeous beyond measure, friendly and adventurous too. If you are a foreigner you have got yourself an experience. Most Cameroonian females have a dream of dating a man from a foreign country. Cameroonian women tend to find their own men quite irresponsible and not future-oriented. Girls in Cameroon do not like to be toyed around so beware and be prepared for a high level of commitment with Cameron women.

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Take a walk in the streets of Ghana and you will be amazed at how curvy Ghanaian women are. Ghanaian women are of average height and they come in all skin colors dark, super dark, chocolate and light skin. Ghanaian girls are super friendly and outgoing; this is a point noted by almost everyone who has visited Ghana before.  In Ghana, several events like parties and even funerals are occasions to mingle. Yes, Ghana takes funerals seriously. Remember the viral pallbearers’ video that originated in Ghana?

4. South Africa

Photo credit : Afro Maisha Zozibini Tunzi 

In 2019, Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe, a title that was synonymous most of the time with the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and U.S.A women. To me, it felt like an African country had won the World cup! South African women are so gorgeous that you can’t help but appreciate the handy work of the creator. South African women are some of the most polite women you will ever meet and they are goal-oriented too.


Egypt is an Islamic country so the women here are covered from head to bottom. But seeing an Egyptian woman dance is one hell of a sight. The media has branded Egypt as the hub of African beauty, but I beg to differ. Like James Patrick Caviezel says in The Count of Monte Cristo, ‘perhaps they should get out more’ as there are many countries in Africa that could easily top and beat their looks. Nevertheless, I’ll still maintain here that Egyptian women are gorgeous, sweet, and soft.

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Women from Ethiopia are charming and gorgeous. I can’t say this enough if you have never seen an Ethiopian woman then be ready to have your mind blown. They have chocolate skin, soft and cute hair. Now here is the thing, if you are a jealous type of man then make no mistake, dating an Ethiopian woman isn’t for you. Ethiopian women will get admired, hit on, and preyed upon whenever she goes. But remember, Ethiopian women like to be appreciated for anything. Ethiopian women are also courageous and brave and they always get what they want. Ethiopian women are easy to identify from afar because of their beauty.


All African girls are gorgeous in their own way but Somali girls are just way over the top. We can’t help but give them the number one spot here on our list today. Obviously, not because they are better than the rest but because they are the most talked about. Everyone knows for a fact that Somali girls are beautiful. Somalia is an Islamic country and just like Egypt, girls are dressed almost covered up. If you get lucky to take a picture of a Somali woman you will be amazed by the art. Somali girls love compliments but don’t overdo it unless you want to be a SIMP!

Your Turn: Which African country do you think deserves to be on this list? How fair is my assessment above? Dare you are beautiful, bold, and brave enough to share your comments below!

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