rapture and second coming
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Ever wondered what difference exists between Rapture and the second coming? If yes, that’s okay; even some Christian leaders don’t have a full hang of it yet. There has always been a big misconception between Rapture and the second coming of Christ. Although distinct, the two are often confused. 

rapture and second coming
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First, understand that at Rapture, Christ will descend and take with Him every believer that is still alive, resurrect those who died believing in Him and take them all to His glorious home. In 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Paul talked about Rapture, saying, “for the Lord will come down from above with a shout, with the voice of the angels along with a trumpet. Those that died in Christ will rise first, and those are alive will be caught up with Him in the sky to meet the Lord”.
The Rapture is God’s way of protecting the chosen ones from trials and tribulation, the seven years of judgment that will strike the earth. Although, some argue that the tribulation period will commence before the Rapture. But then the scripture completes us in Roman 8:1 when it says, “for there is now no condemnation to all who belong to Christ Jesus.” As believers and Christians alike, we pray and believe that the church will not be acquainted with the judgment that God has planned for that time and session.

Finally, the scripture makes us understand that after seven years of tribulation, Jesus will come back. This is indeed His Second Coming. But this time, He comes not as a humble little child but as a glorious and mighty King of the universe, surrounded by His chosen people. Christ will gain victory, and His Kingdom will reign here on earth.

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Bottom line

Now that you know there are succinct differences remember that He comes with the righteous at the Second Coming. But He comes for his saints at Rapture. Likewise, Christ does not just come to earth at Rapture but comes with a blessing for His saints. In His Second Coming, Christ’s feet will touch on Mount Olives, and He will reign on earth. He will bring judgment upon as many that rejected Him. And He will come with blessings for His chosen ones. We expect the Rapture to happen anytime, but His Second Coming will be seven years later.


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