Meet The Artist who Sings Opera in Yoruba


Meet The Artist who Sings Opera in Yoruba- Nigerian Language!

Ever walked into the Lincoln center imagining that the lyrics of the Opera artists won’t make sense to you? Well, if you understand Latin, or have some grabs on Greek you feel it the music quicker than others. Other than that, you’d probably just go with the rhythm.

But rejoice! There’s Nigerian born artist in town who sings Opera, and does so even in Yoruba Language! You read that right, Yoruba language!

This young man is a pack of talent, and he’s bent on using his talent in both conforming and nonconforming ways. Andrew Egbuchiem is his name.

To the African Diasporans who always feel some type of way on the issue of cultural appropriation when a White person flips up black/African arts and do so with grace, rejoice! You read that right, we know some of y’all!!

No, joke aside. Andrew is extraordinarily gifted. His having a duet along with Echezonachukwu Nduka, a Nigerian Pianist on June 21st of this month. The entry to experience this rare African Soprano voice of Andrew is free, but come on, don’t you go there empty-handed, people!!

Go with friends, or take the kids with you. If you are going to tell the kids about Africa, and it’s people, this is one fun and positive experience to add to your list.

Read more about the artist below, and enjoy this short video treat that USAIG curates for you on Andrew.

Echezonachukwu Nduka, Nigerian- born Pianist & Musician

Andrew’s Bio:

Mr. Andrew Egbuchiem is a Nigerian-born Operatic Countertenor based in Brooklyn New York. Andrew has several awards to his credit and made his debut at the Carnegie Hall in 2018.

Echezona’s Bio: 

Echezonachukwu Nduka is a Nigerian-born pianist, musicologist, and author specializing in piano music by composers from Africa and the African Diaspora. He lives in New Jersey.


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