It is a norm for most young black men to brainstorm on bucket list ideas at some point in their early/mid 20s. These ideas, more often than not, merely exist in their minds. Perhaps, this explains why many of such ideas end as unrealized dreams and aspirations.

However, there is a sizable fraction in every given demographic of black men who put their bucket list ideas in black and white. This obviously is informed by their desire to have a set timeframe for actualizing these dreams.

To illustrate, it makes a lot of sense to aim at getting certain things done by middle age. For instance, a black man who is probably below 25 years, could set a goal of owning his house before turning 40. Such a measurable approach to “bucket listing” seems quite realistic.

If you are yet to put your bucket list into writing, here’s a good point from which you could start. Rather than a gazillion things to do before you die, here are 35 things you must do before you reach 35.

1. Self-awareness

For many people, the journey of full self-discovery is a continuous one. But as a black man, you must plan to have a substantial understanding of your “self” by middle age.

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2. Pay off your debt

Debts are sometimes not avoidable. Nonetheless, planning to pay them off by 35 years will help you greatly in your 40s.

3. Start a retirement plan

This piece of advice is often lost on most black men. By the time you are in your middle, you should have put together a robust retirement plan.

4. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill does not only expand the mind. It could open doors for you in the future. Therefore, this should be a “must” in your bucket list.

bucket list ideas write a book

5. Write a book

You do not have to be the writer. Just get your thoughts together and work with a professional writer

6. Keep a daily journal

Many people cultivate this tradition from childhood. But then, there is never a “right” time for it.

7. Own a house

Owning a house by 35 is achievable. For a black man however, you need to start thinking about it in your early 20s.

8. Read 10 life changing books

Experience is the best teacher. Since you are still on your way to middle age, you probably do not have much of it. Compile a list of 10 life changing books and tap from other people’s experience.

9. Confront your biggest fear

Ever had your heart in your throat when tasked to do a simple toast at a party? People have different phobias and that is just one of them.  Plan to confront your biggest fears and you are sure to defeat it.

bucket list ideas fall in love

10. Fall in love with someone

This is clearly different from merely building a companionship. Why not quit playing around with different ladies and take a plunge for the right person? It’s a completely different experience.

11. Take one huge risk

It is understandable when black people thread cautiously. But then, taking a big risk has certain ways of developing the minds.

12.  Learn about black history

You may not agree with this, but by 35 years no black man should still be ignorant about black history. All you need is probably one good black history book per year.

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13. Reach the perfect weight

Fitness is a goal for a lot of people today. And this is not just about six packs and impressive biceps.  It is a goal towards a sustainable fitness level. This should a top priority on your bucket list ideas.

14.  Start a cause

You do not need to have the same dream as Martin Luther King to start a cause. Something as simple as identifying a community challenge and rallying people to solve it is just fine.

black man playing guitar

15.  Learn to play a musical instrument

This also should be a top priority on your bucket list ideas. Who knows? You could become the next local music star thereafter.

16. Learn a new language

This seems more like an uphill task. But then, learning a new language does not necessarily suggest gaining its mastery. Your goal should be a fair level of competence in the language.

17.  Start a business

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. However, it will be a great experience to start a business, however small, and not mind if it ends up as a flop.

18. Be self-absorbed

The value of selflessness for humanity is a huge one. However, it could lead to depression for some people. As such, if you are naturally selfless, plan to do something that is a hundred percent beneficial to your “self”.

19. Develop a culture of tipping

Just like most other men, you give a tip to waiters sometimes. No big deal. It is not a bad idea nonetheless to develop a culture of doing this regularly to all regular service providers that come your way.

black man on road trip

20. Go on a road trip

If you have never had a plan of taking a cross country road trip, it is never too late. You may do this with your close friends, family members, girlfriend, or wife.

21. Get closer to the divine Almighty

This might seem strange to some men who despise the idea of God. Whatever you prefer to call the supreme being, if you believe in Him/She/It, however, then you should consciously get closer to Him.

22.  Relocate

When people speak of leaving their comfort zone, it sometimes could be literal. Life surely holds more fun away from your present location. This is definitely a must-have for your bucket list ideas if you are fun-loving and active.

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23.  Build a strong emotional companionship

Strong emotional companionship has immense benefit for one’s mental and psychological state of mind. This has been proven scientifically.

24. Achieve one of your childhood fantasies

We all have childhood fantasies. Becoming a soldier is one common to males. Well, you may not pursue a career in this regard, but there are times that opportunities to get enlisted for short military service comes up. Take advantage of such opportunities.

bucket list extreme sports

25. Participate in an extreme sport

This might look a bit far-fetched but it is not without benefits. Black men who are brave enough to partake in a risky sport turn out to be less stressed and anxious.

26. Volunteer

People have so much they can offer the community than they are aware of. Volunteering helps out people out. Conversely, it could help you relieve stress and anxiety.

27. Perform yoga

It is no news that yoga helps people to harness their mental and physical disciplines. The goal is to unite the mind, body and soul, leading to stress reduction. It also improves sexual performance of men.

28. Collect an item

The popular choices are movies, music and art works. However, it could be just about anything.

29.  Travel to another continent

The world is a global village. Nothing could be truer than this reality. However, connecting with the rest of the world via telecoms and the internet cannot be compared to physical visits to other ends of the world.

bucket list ideas own a pet

30. Own a pet

Here’s a fun fact: owning pets will likely present you as a loving man. It does not always have to be a dog or cat. Get more adventurous by keeping a weird animal as pet.

31. Attend a concert

If you are an introvert, this idea is a good one to consider. You could do this with your girlfriend and one or two other friends, if you feel too anxious.

32. Make a personal movie

You do not have to be a professional to make a movie. Neither do you need to have any experience to capture amazing photos. No doubt, smartphones have filled our world with loads of creative possibilities.

33.  Learn a foreign recipe

Actually, you should have a number of foreign stuff to learn. Find an exotic recipe and learn to cook it.

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black man in marathon

34. Participate in a marathon

One good thing about marathon’s is they are open to just about anyone, male or female, young or old, slim or fat. Forget about winning the medal. Many guys just do it.

35. Go Offline

Plan to go offline for a couple of weeks or more. Doing this could help rekindle your self-disciple.

There you go. A complete list of 35 things every black man must do before he turns 35. Have you already ticked off some of these items from your bucket list? Which of them do you find interesting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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