Google First Africa Artificial Intelligence Lab


Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the world today.

Nowadays, it seems like AI and robots can get anything done. The best part is the efficiency and speed with which these superior machines gets things done.

Unlike humans, AI identifies and solves problems within seconds. And every task is being performed at a near perfect level.

Yes, we are experiencing another revolution which would change the way we do things. But humans are still to realize that artificial intelligence is the way to the future.

For instance, the average Joe across the street thinks of some scary automated system whenever AI, robots, or any superior machine is mentioned.

Maybe the movie industry has done a lousy job in educating the people about AI, or like how humans are wired, we’re scared of change.

We’re scared of trying something new.

We’re scared of doing things that have never been done before.

Luckily, humans are moving past this fear as there are remarkable progress going on in the Artificial intelligence and robotic world.

Great tech companies like Google and Facebook seem to be leading the charge. And the ultimate goal is to design systems that would quickly diagnose problems and proffer solutions within minutes.

In Tanzania, rural farmers can diagnose plant diseases with their phones.

Here’s how it works…

By merely hovering a phone over a plant, the plant disease would be diagnosed, and possible management plans would be provided to boost production.

What’s more, everything is done in a couple of minutes. This way, the rural farmer may not need the intervention of a human professional before identifying the best possible route that’d boost production.

AI is designed to solve real-life problems. And Google has been doing an excellent job by focusing on it.

Recently, the tech company has opened a research center in Accra, Ghana.

As the first research center in Africa, the Google Accra research center would lead the AI revolution in Africa.

Benefits of AI in Africa

AI can be applied to any sector of the economy. Whether it’s Agriculture, education, or health, AI could be used to improve the way things are done.

The research center in Accra is primarily designed to provide viable ways in which problems in Africa could be solved.

Also, Google provides an open-source platform where everybody and anyone could contribute to the development of products across different sectors.

Furthermore, researchers from African Universities would benefit significantly from the center. Grants and Ph.D. scholarships would be offered to candidates in various disciplines of AI.

The rising population of African youths poses great opportunities to the continent. And as such, giant companies like Google and Facebook are launching projects which target these group.

The future is here, and with the launch of an AI center in Africa, better ways of solving problems would be unveiled.

In what ways do you think that the new Google Accra center would grow the Africa economy?

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