how to look younger with the right hairstyle

Women spend a lot of time contemplating on how to look younger. This is only normal because people often judge a book from its cover. The same way hairstyles can make or break a fashion look, they can also make one look older or younger. This is why every woman should pay attention to the hairstyle they wear to avoid looking older.

Irrespective of this knowledge, many commit quite a number of hairstyle mistakes that make them look aged. If care is not taken, it is possible for any of these mistakes to add as much as 10 years to your age! Here are 10 of such hairstyle mistakes you should avoid at all cost.  

1.   Not Knowing Your Hair Type

Everyone has a different hair type. Yours could be kinky, wavy, curly or straight. Those who are well-acquainted with their hair type know the exact care that it demands and what works on it.  It is interesting to note that some women have little or no knowledge about their hair type. This could be a very costly mistake indeed. If you don’t know the natural state of your hair, you could pick a hairstyle that doesn’t work with your hair type. A good hairstyle can appear dirty and out of place on your hair even though you saw that it worked for another lady. As a consequence, you are likely going to start looking way older than your actual age.    

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2.   Wearing An Outdated Hairdo

There are scores of hairstyles that can make you look your age or a lot younger. Conversely, there are several other ones that will make you look older. If you are only 30 years and have jerry curls or shoe polish hairstyles, do not be surprised if someone assume that you are close to 50 years.  It is now generally accepted as a near fact that putting on an outdated hairdo is old-fashioned and this is a sure way to look older.

3.   Attaching A Single Hairstyle To Your Identity

Having a unique sense of style comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages. While you can use different measures to personalize your style, I don’t recommend the same for your hairstyle. One signature hairstyle is surely easier to maintain all through the year. However, it won’t be suitable for every season. Consequently, as the years pass by, that hairstyle has the tendency to go out of fashion and leave you wearing an outdated look. If you like a signature hairstyle look, try to update it every season so your style stays fresh. Also, consider changing your signature look every few years so you aren’t stuck living in the past and looking older than you truly are.

how to look younger with correct hair color

4.   Maintaining The Same hair Color At Different Stages Of Life  

Women develop different skin colors at the different stages of their lives. It is an unwritten rule among experts that hairdos must complement skin color. Once you notice that your skin color has begun to transform, it’s time to equally transform your hair color.

5.   Pulling Your Hair backward

What happens when you pull your hair backward?  This will expose your forehead like art on a canvas, giving room for any imperfections on your hairline to be exposed. As an older woman, it is only natural for your once healthy hairline to start receding or looking dull. Although this is a natural occurrence, you don’t want to magnify it by exposing your hairline often with your hair in a tight ponytail. Women with a great hairline can get away with styles like these but try to avoid it at all cost if you’re not blessed with a good hairline. Stick to other styles that complement your face shape and style.  

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6.   Matching The Wrong Hair Color With Your Skin Tone

Using a hair color that doesn’t complement your skin tone can make a 20-year old lady look as though she is in her 30s. if your goal is to look younger and not older, make sure to avoid this mistake at all costs. The first remedy to this problem is identifying your skin tone. You can seek the opinion of experts on what type of color will best match your skin. For example, experts advise women with a cool skin tone to go for icy dark brown hair or cool red brown hair.

7.   Not Using The Right Color For Gray Hair

how to look younger with hair color

This mistake is similar to matching the wrong hair color with your skin tone, just a little different. Graying is nearly as constant as taxes. The only variable is that it happens to people at different ages. While some women decide to accept graying as it is, some choose to fight it with hair color. The danger here lies in selecting the wrong color that could end up making you look a lot older. This dreaded consequence can be avoided.  Firstly, you need to understand there are probably 50 shades of gray, metaphorically speaking.  As such, if you are going to select color to complement your gray hair, you need the counsel of experts.

8.   Excessive Hair Thinning

Although this may not be your fault, it is a natural mistake that can be remedied. Thinning of the hair simply refers to gradual, though minor hair loss. In other words, it does not mean that you lose a large portion of your hair in the same manner as balding. If you continue to develop such hair loss, people may start to assume you are older than your actual age. Given that thinning is a gradual process, it gives room for a quick intervention. The major reason why you probably have thinning hair is lifestyle habits. Some of such habits include wearing your hair too tightly; lacking sufficient folic acid, iron, and other essential minerals in your diet; subjecting your hair to too much treatment; using inferior hair product; and experiencing excessive stress. You can stop your hair from thinning if you change such lifestyle habits. If your hair thinning is a medical problem or a natural process, you can treat it or slow it down by using natural herbal remedies.

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9.   Not Paying Attention To Hair Volume

Age will no doubt gradually reduce the volume of your hair. If you are giving some thoughts to looking younger, you have to pay attention to your hair volume.  Any older woman who is already witnessing hair thinning and other forms of hair loss, should avoid hairstyles that stretches down. They will only emphasize their old age.           

how to look younger with bangs

10.  Disregarding Bangs

A lot of women actually disregard bangs. It is not just their thing, and that is understandable. But the bad news for them is that bangs, or fringes, can add youthfulness to your looks. Well, that happens indirectly. As you grow older as a woman, you will start noticing wrinkles and other facial elements that reflect aging. Your bangs will go a long way in making your face a lot smaller, thereby concealing all imperfections. Bangs also help to hide receding hair from the forehead region of the face. It may not be a style you fancy but it can fairly upgrade your looks.


None of the above-mentioned mistakes is worse than another. Each point can be as devastating as the next. Avoiding each mistake listed here is how to look younger if that is what you are aiming for. On the same note, you should avoid these mistakes even if you’re young. Your goal may not be to achieve a younger look, but unless you using it to achieve a purpose, you surely should not be doing things to make you look older than you actually are .  

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