Wild Edible African Mushroom Pizza – Are you a vegan or simply a mushroom pizza loving foodie? This post will teach you how to bake a wild edible African mushroom without a sweat. Mushroom pizza is a good way of turning what would be considered a junk food, pizza in this case, to an amazing healthy and nutrient-packed meal. So, let’s take a dive into learning how to bake wild edible African mushroom pizza.

African mushrooms- The overview

With most food naturally occurring or grown in Africa, there are are ready critics on why they are not good for consumption. These critics back up their assertions with “science.” But as the world later found out, the same condemned foods are what they seek after to produce multimillion dollar drugs sold back to Africans and the Black diaspora world in caps and bottles. One of these once upon a time condemned foods is African wild mushroom.

How to Make Wild Edible African Mushrooms Pizza

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We know mushrooms from the ancient African and Shaman times as nutritious and medicinal. Our ancestors somehow knew the quantities, timing, and the complementary food with this power food. Organic mushrooms have the medicinal component to cure (not just manage) most ailment such as cancer and other auto immune diseases. Wild African mushrooms contain certain proteins that kill bacteria, virus, neuro inflammatory disorders, and many more.

Fast forward to our modern worlds, however, we have been told that most mushrooms in the wild particularly those on African soil are poisonous. The best ones to eat therefore, they say, are the ones we domesticate or buy from the store. This diversion makes sense, those wild mushrooms are now essential commodities. Their hunting and flight out of Africa are funded by the drug conglomerate in the making of a billion dollar market of psychedelic drugs to treat several mood, neuro, and psychological disorders in the modern world. If you are handling tough situations well than others, and not getting flushed down by many situations of life that would have led many to depression and suicide, wild mushroom properties may be in your genes passed down from your ancestors.

Mushrooms to Bake Wild Edible African Mushroom Pizza

First Option

How to Make Wild Edible African Mushrooms Pizza - AfroGist Medai

Now that you know that the sources of edibles mushrooms are limited, let’s explore where and how you can get them. The first place you can get your mushrooms is planting them yourself. Whether you use wild mushrooms or not will depend on what you planted to begin with. What is clear, however, is that your pot of plant or your backyard will not suddenly turn your mushrooms wild, well ….unless you are wild yourself. If you live in a sub-tropical or tropical environment around the world, and you can manage to get a small square feet of land in a farmland, then lucky you. This is as close as you can get to the wild component of African wild mushrooms.

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Second Option

The second option you have is to get your mushrooms from the supermarket. If this is your option, then go for the ones they call “organic” since it is perhaps the closer you can get to natural. Rinse them and get them ready.

Third Option

If you somehow lay your hands on those real wild edible African mushrooms, simply gather them and wash thoroughly. Add 2-3 minutes cooking time to the timing recommended under the ingredients section below. More importantly, consume in one meal with moderation.

Now that you have explored possible sources of African mushrooms, let’s talk about the ingredients needed to make your mushroom pizza.


2 cups of diced mushrooms

How to Make Wild Edible African Mushrooms Pizza - AfroGist Media Recipe Guide

21/2 tablespoon of olive oil

1 base/crust pizza (already prepared)

1 teaspoon of dried thyme

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4 tablespoon of grated cheese

3 cloves of garlic (peel and crush them)

3 tablespoon of tomato paste

1 sliced red tomato (use firm)

1 tablespoon of chopped onions (optional)

1 teaspoon of garlic & herbs seasoning

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  1. Set your oven to 400F, and preheat for about 12 minutes.
  2. Pour your clean diced mushrooms into a saucepan
  3. Add thyme, garlic, seasoning, and olive oil
  4. Cover and steam on the stove for about 5 minutes
  5. Then stir for additional 2 minutes
  6. On the side, spread your tomato paste on the pizza crust you are working with
  7. Use spoon to transfer the stirred mushrooms onto your crust making sure to leave any drained liquid behind.
  8. Add your grated cheese sprinkling it until it covers the entire base
  9. Lay your sliced tomatoes
  10. Sprinkle your chopped onions if you are using onions
  11. Bake your pizza in the oven for about 12-14 minutes
  12. Enjoy with any side you choose- Salad, fried African chicken, etc.

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