Still Worrying that Eagle Isn’t Yours? Well, Maybe Enjoy Your Penguin.

You have wings. But you can't fly.
Oh why?
But how? 
Too busy asking questions about flying high. 
When you are meant to be the best swimmer ever.
Whether you prevail over gravity to stay in the air.
Or you negate its effect to stay afloat and rise above waters.
All that matters is a destiny.
Get busy finding that. 
You already know it? Then stop hibernating.
Go for it.
Oh..but an eagle glides in the air. Well you glide over the water.
And it has big vision!  Well you have big ears!
It’s tenacious. Okay, but it’s a loner.
“I’m too heavy.” Fact, but you are social.
An eagle is very powerful. None can fly that higher into the space. True.
You are very strong. Not many can dive that deeper into the belly of the sea.
You can’t be loyal to anyone unless you are first loyal to self.
You can't keep rejecting yourself.
And keep asking the world for acceptance.
Soar or swim.
Arrived or arriving, just get moving.

Embrace your penguin.
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