uncover your true calling
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As heavenly creations, our existence is meaningless if we do not live a life of eternal impact. But this does not make practicing Christianity burdensome. Contrary to that, God wants everyone to lead and live a life of fulfillment through service. In John 10:10, Jesus promised His disciples joy and satisfying life. We enjoy all these when we submit ourselves to His will and align our goals to what He created us to do. The question is, how do you discover your calling? This is why we will be highlighting the 5 ways to uncover your true calling.

1. Be in a Committed Relationship with Christ

uncover your true calling

The more you spend quality time with God, the more you know Him. Reading the bible attending worship gatherings subconsciously changes your actions and deeds. Transformation happens because He purges us of all forms of impurity, thereby setting our priorities rights. Christ’s role is to mode our thoughts and affection and stir the passion for the heavenly things within us.

2. Give Attention to Times and Seasons

uncover true calling

It is okay to set high expectations, but giving up because expectations are not met is not okay. However, every season comes with its opportunity, and we need to pay attention to this to uncover our true calling. To unleash the hope-filled treasure and enjoy the life God wants for us, we might need to lay low on some expectations. 

3. Guard Your Heart and Mind Away From Toxicity


Psalm 19:21-14 provides an excellent prayer guide that can help guard our hearts. Staying away from all forms of manipulation and toxicity is very important. The heart is like a storehouse; everything we do flows from it. When the mind is ambushed with negativity, it will look like nothing is worth giving a shot. Contrary to this. God has a plan, and it will only manifest if our heart is rightly guided from the toxicity out there.

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4. Seek God in Prayers Always


God is merciful and gracious in glory. He only wants us to live a life of full potential: love, joy, peace, purpose, and ultimately a life of fulfillment. When we go to God in prayers, sharing our fears, worries, weakness, He embraces us, loves us, and molds our hearts. This makes us feel more receptive to His presence. 

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5. Keep persevering

true calling

The fact that things don’t feel right or are uncomfortable at the moment doesn’t mean God has forsaken you. Likewise, just because we have the natural tendency to do something does not make us proficient in that area. For instance, a coach invites an athlete to join his team, noticing her potential and skills.

The athlete undergoes rigorous training and intense drill to be the best. However, the same situation applies to us as Christians when God allows us to experience certain difficult moments. The essence is to build our inner grit and ability to endure stormy weather.

A wrap

Difficult situations teach us to hold firmly unto God. Doubts and uncertainties exist to reveal false beliefs, which can be corrected with the truth. Whatever challenges we are faced with, it is essential that we prayerfully seek His presence. And also, be rest assured that those challenges are made to skyrocket our growth, proclaim His glory and ultimately help uncover our true calling.

Throughout life’s journey, we all have specific roles to play. However, God has an effective plan for many ready to receive the light of salvation. And as we seek Him through prayer and perseverance, we will uncover His true calling and find purpose in all areas of life.


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