5 Types of Men You Shouldn’t Marry —Pastor Mildred Okonkwo


Pastor Mildred Okonkwo advises ladies not to settle for less and marry a man who not only adores them but also has a vision for the future.

Here are the 5 types of men not to marry, according to Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

1. Don’t marry a lazy man

Don’t marry a lazy man. The Bible clearly states that you are his helper, not someone who collects work for him Genesis 2:18. Instead, you were sent to help him in his endeavors, which means he must already be actively engaged in something for you to assist him.

2. Don’t marry a man who is always saying, “I’m planning to”

Avoid marrying a man who always says, “I’m planning to.” “I’m planning to” is not a job. Marry someone who has a purpose and ambition so that when you enter his life, you can contribute to making that purpose even better.

In this generation, many men mistakenly believe that getting married will solve all their problems. However, it is not right for wives to be solely responsible for financial issues within the family. Women are intended to be helpers, not the sole providers.

3. Don’t just marry a lazy man

Avoid marrying a man who is mentally lazy. When challenges arise, he should be willing to put in a reasonable effort to find solutions. Do not marry a man who lacks security and healthy self-esteem. A man who becomes intimidated whenever you achieve something great. However, God has called you to pursue greatness, and you should be confident in it. You should never dim your light to accommodate someone’s insecurities.

4. Don’t marry a man who is insecure

Instead, marry a man who is secure and possesses healthy self-esteem. When God blesses you, he will take pride in having someone like you in his life rather than feeling intimidated and insecure.

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5. Don’t marry a man who doesn’t have a vision and plans

Lastly, avoid marrying a man who lacks vision and plans, someone who doesn’t know where he is going. A man without direction will not end well, and if you marry such a person, your relationship is unlikely to have a positive outcome.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are meant to help you find a partner who will support and uplift you throughout your journey in life.

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