3 Shocking Ways Angels Speak To You


The word Angel evokes spiritual or mental imagery of beings with wings. But then are angels real, or are they just imaginary speculations? Although subjective, the term Angel has universal meaning. An angel is a messenger from a supernatural being that some call God. They guide, protect and teach us life lessons.  

Tag along to learn about the three shocking ways Angels speak to you. 

1. Through your Dreams

angels speak
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Angels often speak to you through your dreams, but you may not recall them upon waking up. However, to better improve your awareness of dream time communications with your angel, spend a few moments conversing before bedtime and ask your angel to visit you and share essential perceptions you need to know. Keep close to you a notepad and a pen so that you can immediately jot down every detail you can remember upon waking, even if they are not related to angels.

As time goes on, you may become used to receiving messages from angels, which will help boost your ability to remember important details or information. For instance, if you discover you are constantly dreaming of someone you care about, it might be a hint to become more open and loving.

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2. Through Signs and Symbols

angels speak
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Signs and symbols are another way through which angels can also communicate. Besides, these signs can vary widely but are unique to individuals. A sign can be as simple as seeing colored feathers wherever you go; seeing stickers or imagery that reads, “You Are Loved” right when you need such reminder. Or better still, flowers blooming in places you least expected. Moreover, paying attention to how you feel is a great way to tell if these experiences are a true sign or just a coincidence. When Angels speak, they give signs or symbols throughout the day. These signs can vary widely, and they can be unique to you.

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3. Through Mental Visions

angels speak
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If you are the type that falls into a trance while meditating, you may see mental visions such as sparkles of light or even a clear view of your angel standing right in front of you. Likewise, it is also possible to sense visual occurrences in your environment as you go about your daily exercise. You may also experience a streak of light, minor flashes, or a quick glimpse of a glowing image that resembles an angel but disappear before you even think of looking at it. Nevertheless, this means you are becoming mindful of the presence of your angel. The truth is, they are always around, but you may not have been sensitive enough to notice.

Bottom Line

Dr. Doreen published a book entitled Angels 101. She delves a lot deeper into who angels are, how they can help us, and how to call upon them. Whether you are on a religious or spiritual path, this book will strengthen your understanding of angels. 

Whether an angel is real or not is personal to an individual. However, if you are a person who loves to incorporate Jungian psychology and spirituality into daily life, you might find this resource helpful. Have you had any experience with angels speaking to you, before? We would like to know your experience in the comments section.

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