Looking back to your teenage or younger years, we all have made some silly mistakes. In our teenage years we are more timid, new to life’s challenges, and worry over those little things that matter no more right now in our lives. You are many lessons we learn in life as we grow. Some of these lessons were learned the hard ways. Let’s explore 5 big ones here in this post.

When we were younger, we were innocent and did not know much about life and its struggles. With time, we become wiser and get to know and realize how we should have acted or behaved during our younger times.

We are eager to be successful, eager to be loved, impatient over any delays, and want to achieve anything and everything on just the first try. It takes time to understand life, yourself, and your priorities. With the changing times, our perspective changes, our priorities change and so many things that we have done in our younger times do not make sense. We worried and stressed over silly things. But, in all our life we have learned many lessons that we wish we have learned during our younger years. Here are 5 hardball lessons I’ll advise my younger self:

1- It’s Ok To Fail Sometimes:

Remember when you failed that class or got low marks in one of your subjects and exams. Feeling bad right? We have not been taught by anyone that it’s ok to fail sometimes. Failing is not a bad thing. We misunderstood failing with not becoming successful ever in our lives.

But, don’t you think we have been hard on ourselves? Failure teaches us many things that success can not. Therefore, I’ll advise my younger self that it’s ok to fail sometimes. Remember, how Serena Williams became one of the greatest tennis players. She faced many obstacles in her tennis career. But, she did not let it get her down ever.

2- Don’t Try Hard To Please People Or Make Them Happy:

During our younger years, we make sure everybody is happy with us. We think of others too much and try hard to become cool and nice so that people would like us or become happy with us. This has happened to everyone. Whether that’s our friends, crush, teachers, or family members, we have tried hard to please them and made an effort to make them happy. Our attempts to make them happy have made us think little about ourselves. We thought at that time that making them happy will make us happy or it just comforts us. But have you ever thought about your own happiness and loving yourself? I’ll advise my younger self to not try hard to please people. Those who like you or care for you will eventually come to you.

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3- Don’t Be Afraid To Go For Your Passion Or Fulfilling Your Dreams:

We all have had some dreams and passions to achieve. But, then life happens with all of us. We do not go to pursue our dreams because of failure or for many other reasons. One piece of advice to give your younger self is to go for your passion and work hard to fulfill your dreams.

4- Love Yourself With All Your Flaws:

Working out to achieve that perfect summer body, or get slimmer, trying to look more beautiful, fairer, we all have once or many times hated to dislike ourselves. I wish we understood at that time about loving ourselves with our flaws and not hating ourselves for not looking exactly like those supermodels on our tv screen.

Treat your body and your looks with respect and love yourself enough. Oprah Winfrey’s 10 rules for self-love are the best to read and follow. She has said many times, when she started to like and love herself again, everything in her life began to improve. We don’t need anyone to make us feel pretty or praise us.

5- Learn To Accept Changes:

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When you are younger, you can experience many changes in your life. From shifting to a new city, to getting into a new high school or college. Your life can change suddenly and fast especially if something major has happened in your family around this same time. We design this high dream or goal for ourselves, and stop paying attention to appreciating beauties of life including our interactions with others. One piece of advice to give my younger self is to learn to accept changes. The changes in our lives make us strong, more fearless, and intelligent. Try to go with the flow and accept the circumstances as they are.

Final Thoughts:

There are a few more lessons to throw in this hardball mix. For instance, lessons like ‘listen to your mama’, or ‘mom is always right’ is key. Another one is to not let other people’s race drive your own pace. Gain perspectives and be inspired by others, but understand that you are different. You have your own life to live and to account for. The 5 major ones above are generally applicable to many, and can make or break us.

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In our busy lives, we think too little about prioritizing ourselves. We were too hard on ourselves in our younger years. We’ve been too preoccupied with many unnecessary life dramas that we fail to realize how much potentials we have had and still have to turn our dreams into reality. It’s never too late to learn these lessons and love yourself again and enough.

The key final thought here is to not let anyone tell you that you are too old to apply life lessons and make any changes you feel necessary. The only person who should be told that is a dead body, and telling is even unnecessary as it’s too late. So, go out there now while you are still breathing and strive to be your better self.

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