Africans are the most amazing humans to walk the face of the earth. We are skillful, beautiful, talented, innovative, and enterprising. What can ever beat that?

But then, despite our tough disposition, there are some things we cannot live without. These things are internally ingrained into our soul and lifestyle. So whether you are an African in Diaspora, African in the US, or African American, the apple never falls far from the tree.

So here are 10 things Africans cannot live without.

  1. Music and Dance 

You cannot keep an African man away from music. And if you try, the music will find him. Dating back as far as 6000 BC, Africa as a continent is historically known for its rich and exuberant music and dance moves.

Our music was so important to us, that even during the slave trade period, many Africans brought their musical instrument along with them.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the world will be denied a decent song if Africans refuse to sing. We call the shots in the music industry. From our Afro beats to the singers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jidenna, WIzkid, etc

Take music from an African man, and you take his happiness away.

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  1. Religion

An average African is religious. From Afro Latinos to Afro Asians, to Africans in the US, one major thing we all have in common is our pull towards religion.

Mention God or a place of worship and see how an African man reacts. Whether Christian or Muslim or traditionalist, religion is one factor that binds us together. 

So take religion away from an African, and you take his hope from him.

  1. Proverbs 

From the blunt and straight forward aphorisms to the cryptic and ominous ones, this is the heritage of every African

Passed down from generation to generation, these sentences are wisdom itself personified.  So don’t blame us if we cannot help using these proverbs in our everyday expressions.

So ban an African from using his proverbs, and you succeed in robing his wisdom bank.

  1. Parties

Where else can we better show off our new dress or accomplishment than at a party? Parties are the life wires of every Afro community. It’s one of those things we just can’t do without.

Did you just say there is no money? Not when it comes to parties. 

So we celebrate our birthdays, weddings, burials, and when we run out of what to celebrate, we celebrate 20 years of the successful burial of our grandmother.

Keep an African away from the party, and you take his fun away from him.

  1. Free Things

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Call it what you like, but free things are the right of every African. Or so some think. I can’t tell you the history of this one, I don’t even know how it started but most Africans have a tug towards freebies.

Is it free? Can we have it without paying for it, then count us in? On the extreme, some even have an entitlement mindset. 

That is why an average African who attends a wedding and does not get his share of food or souvenir, leaves the ceremony with a grudge. Don’t blame him though, he has a right to that food. After all, he was at home and the couple invited him, lol.

So refuse an African a freebie and you have taken his right away from him.

  1. Food

Next to home itself, our African food is the closest heaven we can see. We may eat macaroni and cheese because we have no choice. But every African man dreams of when he can be served a hot plate of Jollof rice, egusi, ewedu,  bunny chow, or chambo, as the case may be.

Give us this, and you can have a hundred peanut butter sandwiches in exchange.

Make an African man his indigenous cuisine, and you will be rewarded with a key to his heart.

  1. Culture/Tradition

We are who we are because of what we are made of and we are what we are because of where we come from.

We are not just defined by the color of our skin, our cultures and traditions define us. Be it our music, dance, art, fashion, festivals, etc. It’s ours and we are proud of it.

So take away our culture and you might as well have taken our birthright.

  1. Myths/Superstition

Whether as educated as a doctor, learned as a lawyer, or ‘born again’ as a Christian, one thing Africans cannot live without is our superstitions and myths.

Some of these superstitions may be considered senseless and impossible, no doubt. But we don’t care. Be it believing that an itch on our palm is a foreshadow of some money that will come our way or not disclosing a pregnancy until the second trimester for fear of losing it; we believe these things. And, funnily enough, they work sometimes.

To dismiss our superstitions is to mar our childhood memories.

  1. Money

I must confess that this is not entirely unique to Africans. Who doesn’t like money? 

So when you see the bustle and hustle amongst the Afro community, it’s all for the money. But then, don’t get it twisted. This love triangle with money only exists becau se of our passion to succeed. It’s not really the money, but the things we can do with the money.

Take an African’s money, and you buy yourself a lifetime grudge.

  1. Family

We may act like we have it all and need nothing more. We may travel out and stay away from home for years. We may be so busy that we fail to call as often as we should. We may even quarrel and not speak to each other for a while. But make no mistake, nothing matters more to an African than his family.

Family is everything and matters most to every African. 

So take an African away from his family, and you take his life.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of where you are or what you do, we are Africans. Not just because of the color of our skin, but because it is who we are. So joke with any other thing if you wish, but when it comes to these 10 things, leave it for an African man.

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