Why Do Many African Mega Stars Come From Nigeria?


Here are 4 more Nigerian Blood film stars you should know

Nigeria holds a plethora of talent in music, photography, human rights activism, and film!

There are too many gifted individuals who have gotten snubbed by the Oscars or BAFTA. Some of these people happen to be some incredibly talented Black and African actors and actresses. 

This list only captures a handful of some major and influential Nigerian film stars who have changed the game in Hollywood and Nollywood. 

Sophie Okonedo 

Sophie Okenedo on red carpet. Image: YouTube

Known for powerful roles in critically acclaimed films like Hotel Rwanda, and The Secret Life of Bees, Sophie extends the bounds of her talents to a variety of audiences! She has worked tremendously at playing on Broadway stages, in royal theatres, and on silver screens. 

Okonedo is a timeless gem of an actress who blends attributes of her Nigerian, Jewish, and Black heritage into certain roles she portrays.

 Her biracial identity adds a layer of personal complexity to some of her characters that do face some of the same struggles she and so many other mixed-race women encounter. 

Cynthia Erivo 

Although new the film scene, Cynthia Erivo is no stranger to the art of encapsulating vibrant and stoic characters! Erivo may seem familiar from her role alongside Michaela Coel in the underrated Netflix hit Chewing Gum! 

Her bubbly smile and vibrant persona shine through the camera and directly into the hearts of audiences. 

Cynthia Erivo in Stand Up Lyric Video. Image: YouTube

Erivo has made her way to the big screen in the controversial film Harriet.  

This doesn’t make her any less redeemable in the eyes of the cinema world, as long she understands the backlash at hand. 

Additionally, as Erivo continues to recognize and stand against racial and gender inequality that Hollywood continues to uphold and perpetuate, she strides bolding in working with outstanding female and BIPOC directors and actors!

John Boyega 

John Boyega has remained true to his faith in a future of racial justice and equality for those denied or not equally afforded the opportunity to pursue existence and human expression. 

His insanely powerful and humbling speech during a Black Lives Matter protest for George Floyd and countless others killed by police stunned and inspired many! 

John Boyega in traditional Nigerian print on red carpet. Image: Youtube

The new Star Wars cast member has taken on challenging white Hollywood by rejecting his role as Finn.’

The British Nigerian actor is determined to contribute to black and brown fans as well as supporting BIPOC filmmakers, writers, and actors looking to break through on the cinema scene.

Boyega does little to shy away from his authentic Nigerian roots and brings that with proud energy long to major events that can spread awareness of his identity.

Through some of his bold choices, he is also allowing himself to become an emblem of a wonderful male figure embracing his own skin and kinfolk! 

Uza Aduba 

Notorious for her role as Crazy Eyes on the Netflix original Orange Is The New Black, Ms.Aduba defines elegance and poise! Aduba has shifted the narrative of what ‘type’ of big, bold, Black women have been deemed as. 

Uzo Aduba for Elle TV. Image: YouTube

Although to some she may have appeared as a side character to her smaller TV roles, Aduba strives to maintain some intense, thought-provoking emotions for the roles she takes on. Some of her new roles, she will be finally taking the lead. And rightfully so. 

She looks towards her human rights activism to ensure that her fans understanding that she can separate herself from her acting work while remaining true to her culture. 

Giving back when you have money and a platform to show awareness can make for a huge help in the fight for racial justice and other inequalities. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to check out other celebrities that are taking risks against the grain of their careers and demanding change and representation for BIPOC people in the film industry. 

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