The day in Brooklyn started out nice and cool. The air around Lincoln Terrace Park at Crown Height was just like the tropical. We saw the West Indies Americans and friends from other communities all gathered to celebrate and to have the most fun they can possibly make of the day.

We saw cops everywhere; NYPD and enforcement officers from all levels: traffic, squad, antiterrorism, unmarked cars, Sheriff’s, and of course, those that we couldn’t see but breathing down on people’s necks.

Latest Reggae music, costumes, dancing, and flags – all foretold that it’s going down big time today. Nude ladies, ya man, you read that right, were all set to take fun to the top.

And then, rain started. People needed umbrellas to hold out, some were getting their fun killed, but some saw the rain as ” blessing”.

“It’s over men, ” said a dude. Three people yelled back at him ” hell no, parade ain’t starting until 12!”

Stay tuned. Afrogist Media is in Brooklyn. You do what you do, and we’ll keep you informed, and entertained.

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