These 10 African Countries Have the Most Handsome Men

African Countries with the most handsome men – Africa is an oasis to some of the most handsome men on Earth. African men are “served”  tall, classy, and are heavily endowed. African men are also known to be fashionable and with a good sense of humor. Generally, in today’s society as a rule of thumb even here in the United States, handsome men are determined by what they have. The more wealth a man has the more handsome the man is. However, there are some African men whom we ladies can’t deny their physical appearance with or without money. Nothing confuses us like a man with good looks but has no money! While Africa is home to the most handsome men on earth, there are certain African countries in the world whose men are gorgeous and stand out among others. Without taking much of your time let’s jump into African Countries with the most handsome men.


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Kenya is an East African country filled with handsome men and good-looking people. Kenyan men tend to give ladies sleepless nights with their charming smiles and muscular bodies. Kenyan men are known to be extremely ambitious and smart upstairs.I will be biased if I fail to mention that Kenyan men are good cooks who know how to make a woman feel loved.

9. Angola.

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Angola is another country with good-looking people. Women in Angola are beautiful and their men are extremely handsome. Angolan men are tall and classy. What makes Angolan men stand out is their sense of fashion and a good sense of humor. Some Angolan men are top models who work for some of the top brands in the World. Looking for a man who turns heads anytime he walks into a room? Then head to Angola and get yourself a fine Angolan man as a father to your good-looking kid(s).

8.South Africa

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Now, let’s go straight to the Southern part of Africa and explore what South African men have in-store for us. South Africa is one of the most beautiful and developed countries in Africa. The beauty of South Africa as a country one will argue that it has been aptly transferred to its men and bank on it. South African men are not only famous for how handsome they are, but they are also very romantic and great lovers. South African men love to take care of themselves, eat healthy, work out, and hang out a lot. South African men are also fashionable and classy. Though South African men are fashionable and classy, there is this myth that most South African men are lazy. Are you a South African man or woman reading this article? Well, we would like to know your opinion. Please leave us your feedback in the comment section at the end of the article.


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From the Southern part of Africa, let’s head all the way to the Northern and talk about Morrocan men. Morocco is a beautiful country with a rich culture and amazing cuisine. Tagine chicken Moroccan is one of my favorites. One other thing that makes Morocco an amazing country is its people. Most importantly they have handsome men and beautiful women. Morrocan men are tall, sexy, and extremely good-looking. Unlike many other African men who love having many wives, Morrocan men are faithful lovers. Most Moroccan men practice Islam and prefer to marry ladies that practice Islam too.


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When you hear of Ghanian men the first thing that comes into mind is tall, dark, handsome, and heavily endowed. Ghanian men are very interesting people and they are romantic too. They love to work out and eat well. A Ghanian man will easily flatter women at graduation parties, wedding parties, and even at funerals. Yes, they are handsome and they know it. Another important trait that I have noticed about Ghanian men is that they are confident, jovial, and heavily endowed making them very desirable.


When it comes to beauty in Africa, The name  Ethiopia surely never misses on the list. Ethiopia does not only boast of top Athletes but it also has some of the most good-looking people in the continent. Not only is Ethiopia made up of beautiful women, but Ethiopian men also are handsome as well, and with their sexy slender bodies with six-packs that make them desirable to women. Or are you a lady that prefers a man with six cars over six-packs? Let us know in the comment section.


Rwanda is currently one of those countries making Africa proud. The country was involved in one of the most brutal massacres in Africa that led to the loss of many lives and the destruction of properties. The male to female ratio was greatly affected. The female population dominates the male population even today. Men, I am just a whistleblower. There is low competition for women in Rwanda. But hold on, the few available Rwanda men are gorgeous, hardworking, smart, and are amongst the tallest men in the continent. Their beautiful eyes and piercings are extremely charming. Try your luck!


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Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa in terms of population and economy and it also has some of the most good-looking people. Nigerian men are handsome and classy. If you are a fan of Nollywood movies you will agree with me. Most Nigerian handsome men and beautiful women can easily be seen in Nollywood movies. Nigerian men are sexy, tall and extremely ambitious, and hardworking. Nigerian men are romantic and they are found in almost every country in the World. Nigerian men are among the top successful models in Africa.


While Eritrea might not be one of the popular countries in Africa, men here are extremely good-looking. Eritrea and Ethiopian men have almost the same features, they are handsome with slender sexy bodies, and six-packs of course. Eritrean men are great lovers and also very hardworking. Eritrean men love their women and hardly marry outside their country. Sorry, Americans ladies, you ain’t getting these dudes!


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Somalia is an African country with a rich culture and welcoming citizens. Somalia’s economy lags behind, but its culture and attractive men and women make up for it. Somali guys are tall, sexy, and highly attractive, with a strong desire to pursue their passions. Somali men can be seen almost anywhere, and their physical appearance makes them easy to identify. If you’re looking for a good man, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll thank us later if you fly to Somalia.

Your turn: That’s it, really. How is my assessment BTW? Fair? Well, speak now, or accept this and forever hold your peace! If you enjoyed reading the article, please let us know in the comments section.

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