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The faith bucket list comprises things to do, places to visit, or travel destinations. It may seem funny, but the truth is our existence here on earth is temporary. Hence, it is okay to have fun and enjoy as much as we want as believers before leaving this world. However, remember that eternity with Christ starts upon rapture. 

We’ve come up with a few non-alcoholic, positive deeds which every faithful follower of Jesus Christ should exercise before departing this world. The list can be endless, but for the sake of this article, we will be limiting it to 20. Also, it is not listed based on hierarchy or order of priority. Any of these can be first on your list based on your preference.

Likewise, you are invited to share ideas or items on your bucket list in the comments below. The experience you look forward to, places, etc., before the Lord’s angels come for you.

Here are the 20 things to do before rapture;

1. Be a volunteer in your local community

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Just like events need sponsors, community programs need volunteers. For instance, a group of Mississippi seniors started the Macedonian Call Foundation some years back to provide automobiles for missionaries on leave. Many people donated their old vehicles, repaired them to be in good shape, and then handed them over to missionaries who plan to stay only a few months before returning to the place of primary assignment. The Macedonian Call Foundation is a beautiful ministry that has sacrificed by giving beloved senior Christian a significant opportunity to make a lasting impact for Christ.

2. Win a soul for Christ

To win a soul for Christ, we suggest these three basic steps: pray, plan and ask people. As a believer, our weapon of overcoming every challenge is to pray, so, therefore, pray, asking the Holy Spirit to be your lead as you embark on winning a soul for Him. Secondly, you don’t want to be caught unprepared or found stuttering when someone walks up to you and say, “Tell me about Jesus and your salvation story.” You want to hit the target straight on without fuzzing or having to preach a long sermon. Lastly, wherever you find yourself, ask people if they want to know Jesus. For instance, if you attend a family reunion, challenge your guts by standing up to ask everyone if they are interested in knowing and accepting Jesus as Lord and savior.

3. Join a band or a choir

If your church doesn’t have a band or a choir, and you wish to be a part of such a community, start one and invite other peers to join. The magical feeling comes with working with your peers to learn a new song.

4. Discover your spiritual gift and exhibit it

As believers, we are gifted with spiritual capability by the Holy Spirit, Romans 12. Imagine how fruitful and effective the Christian community will be if we all discover our gift and make use of it for the Lord. However, you may need to explore different talents to know your spiritual gift. If your gift is teaching, stay in the space (bible study) for a while, then request to be a teacher. A great way for people to get acquitted with their spiritual gifts is to expose themselves to different ministries. Their spirit will connect and respond to the right one.

5. Find someone from your past and seek forgiveness

faith bucket list
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We all have a past. You probably remember someone you were rude to or offended with your careless action from your childhood days. Find them, and seek forgiveness. Ask God to help you make things better moving forward.

6. Tell someone you love that you really love them

Life is short, likewise is our existence as humans. However, don’t hesitate to spread love and happiness, especially those you care about. Be grateful to God for bringing them into your life. Don’t complicate things; just tell them you love them.

7. Give your Pastor a nice Gift

A good way to appreciate your man of God is by gifting them something nice. You do so not just because they intercede for you in prayers but because you appreciate their support and care about their well-being.

8. Contribute and Engage with God’s work twice as much you did in previous times

If you are a committed tither, it means you are used to giving one-tenth of your earnings. You might just decide to increase to one-fifth the following year, which might require some sacrifices and lifestyle changes.

9. Endeavour to stay out of debt and be Happy

As a believer, this should be one of your ultimate goals. You can’t support the missionary or be generous to the needy if you are staggering under heavy debt. Imagine how happy you will be if you pay off your debts without incurring additional financial burdens. To achieve this, you might need to put a pause on expensive cravings that demand you to splurge. Sel-control and discipline are fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23; you need them to succeed.

10. Visit a Holy land like Jerusalem

faith bucket lists
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For seminary programs, visit places like Jerusalem, Jordan, Isreal, etc. This will help broaden your perspectives about the gospel of Christ and its roots.

11. Learn to pray better and frequently

The best thing that could happen to you would be developing a solid prayer life. If you cannot achieve this alone, ask the people whose prayer life you respect so much to pray with you or teach you how to pray.

12. Be a person of positive vibes and good humor

As a Christian, having an incredible sense of humor and sharing positive vibes is a great way to draw people to Christ. You don’t want to be perceived as someone who is always serious or lost in thoughts all the time.

13. Memorize or get acquainted with the Bible

The bible is every believer’s weapon, especially in times of trials and tribulations. However, to get acquainted with it, you have to memorize it and ask the Holy Spirit to help you comprehend it deeply.

14. Read more books on Christian theology

Find and read books about Christian beliefs and theology—for instance, The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer. If you don’t have an idea of what to read, ask someone you know that is vast on the subject for their recommendations.

15. Chaperone a youth missionary trip

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If you’ve not done this before, let it be on your bucket list. By chaperoning a youth missionary trip, you are building a long-lasting investment in the lives of youngsters. And this may help you discover a part of your life that you did not know existed.

16. Talk to people within and outside your reach about Jesus

Friends, families, and anyone within and outside your circle need to hear about Jesus if they’ve not. It is your duty to spread the gospel far and wide.

17. Develop a smooth and growing relationship with God

Building a steady and growing relationship with God is not just limited to knowing God, but it makes it easy to serve and obey His will.

18. Find the people who supported you on your journey to success and appreciate them

The journey to success is never the easiest, and that is why we have a support system. When things get tough, your support system is anyone you could always reach out to. However, make it a point of duty to always appreciate them for sticking around.

19. Take your family and friends on a Caribbean Cruise

Spend time with those you care about. Go on a Caribbean cruise and enjoy every moment.

20. Impart those who are coming after you with every possible expertise you’ve acquired

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Share your experience and expertise with people. Impart others with your knowledge and inspire growth that drives fulfillment in those coming after you.

Finally, you have all the time to explore as much as you would want to. Live that life and be happy because there is fun in Christ. You don’t want to be left with “if only…..” Hence, it is not too late to amend those regrets. Start by creating your bucket lists. 

Your Turn: Share what your faith bucket list comprises in the comment below.

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