Natural aphrodisiacs are common in Africa, and we consume them a lot with little or no understanding of their capabilities. African men might be secretive about their sexual life, and natural aphrodisiacs should ring a bell among the sexually active folks. ‘Body no be firewood’, so is the usual saying particularly among sexually active West Africans.

You will agree with me that sex is an essential component of our wellbeing and psychological needs. Animals also have sex every other time, but what makes human sexuality superior is the feeling of extreme satisfaction. The feeling of being dear and being there for your partner. And talking about partner, I meant the heterosexuals—people of opposite sex.

Nothing lasts forever

Not even the steamy satisfying and mind-blowing sexual ecstasy. At some point in the life of a man, the ‘cassava might start to fail’. As such, the once enjoyable act might be a task, owing to ill-health, ageing, stress, and the like.  Yet, the ultimate goal of every relationship is to keep the fire burning. So, is it possible to achieve sexual satisfaction and at the same time keep the tempo for life?

With natural aphrodisiac; Yes! It’s possible to have it all. You can ask the core African men. A typical Africa man might have more than three wives. Polygamy is common in some African countries. Being good in bed might mean different things to different people, but staying stronger and longer is a universal language. So what could be the magic? Read through the natural aphrodisiacs that African men will likely keep from you.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac is any food or drug that arouses sexual desire, with fewer side effects. It can also be in form of what we smell (olfactory) or hear (aural).

Unripe plantain

In whatever way you want it, either cooked or roasted, unripe plantain is a natural aphrodisiac. It has been proven that it induces and maintains erection. In addition, it increases the volume and thickness of the sperm. Plantain is rich in potassium, and when eaten with fresh vegetables, you can be sure of being ‘a lion in the other room’.

As for the roasted plantain, when mashed with pure honey, walnuts and cloves into making gel. The gel residue is then dried into flakes, thereby becoming a potent natural aphrodisiac. The water extract from the root of plantain is a natural aphrodisiac. Yes, research claimed it boosts testosterone. You can just sip the extract and be the man in charge

Roasted plantain

“Being good in bed might mean different things to different people, but staying stronger and longer is a universal language “


Moringa is an important tropical crop that can either be consumed as medicine or/and food. Parts such as leaves, roots, and immature pods are edible. Several research findings reported that moringa is a good natural aphrodisiac. It has the capacity to improve sexual performance of men. For instance, it possesses Vit. A, C, and D in high proportions, which builds energy and boosts testosterone for long lasting erection.  Moringa is also rich in iron, zinc, and calcium, which enhances sperm production. Moringa leaves can be added to pasta, rice, or salad. Don’t worry, moringa tea will also do the needful.

Moringa seed and leaves
Moringa; Photo credit: New Food magazine

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Palm wine

Palm wine is a common sweet alcoholic beverage from the sap of various palm trees. It is known as different names across Africa. For instance, it’s called Legmi in Algeria, while in Nigeria, oguro is its common name. In South Africa, it’s called ubusulu, and in Libya, it’s called lāgbi. Plam wine is rich in vit. C and B1, as well as minerals, such as iron and potassium. Research as affirmed the use of palm wine as a natural aphrodisiac to combat erectile dysfunction. Consumption of palm wine is common in rural agrarian African communities after the day’s work for the energy at night.

plam wine as a natural aphrodisiac
Photo credit: Pulse Nigeria

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a natural aphrodisiac, so when next you have one, don’t waste it. Did you know that coconut water has the same electrolyte as that of your blood? Coconut water is rich in vit. C, as well as minerals, such as sodium and potassium. These minerals improve blood circulation to men’s sexual organ for massive longevity and erection.

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Bitter Kola

Just as the name suggest, it’s bitter, but it’s a potent natural aphrodisiac. Have you ever wondered why African oldies enjoy it while chewing the better fruit? it’s not for fun or snack, it’s about the power it could unleash. Bitter kola is rich in vit. C and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and small traces of caffeine. Furthermore, it can boost sperm production, weak erection, as well as sexual staminal. If you need strength in this regard, chew some bitter kola and sip some coconut water.

Sex is hardly publicly discussed in Africa, but African men all over the world are seen as sexual icons. This might be the general assumption that African men possess the needed sexual stamina by their partners. There are several factors that might be responsible for this phenomenon. And one of them is the consumption of all these and many other natural aphrodisiac. Please note that the aforementioned is never a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It’s now over to you to mention some unmentioned but potent natural aphrodisiac.   

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