Emotional Intelligence, abbreviated as either EQ or EI is the capacity to acknowledge, process, and translate emotions and emotional information. By effectively processing emotions and emotional information, one is better placed to think productively and take appropriate action. In addition, to academic qualifications and other credentials, employers are keen today in employing based on emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a skill set and one that we cannot stress enough, how crucial it is today. Whether at the workplace, in business, or in personal relationships. EQ plays a significant role in enhancing that one thrives in any of these situations. There should be ways to hone your emotional intelligence prowess and enhance your thought and action points.

Let’s delve into this subject and deconstruct ways how to improve your emotional intelligence skill.

Elevate your Level of Awareness

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Emotional mastery begins with fully understanding yourself. It is important to be aware of your emotions, how you react to certain circumstances. Find out if you can stay in control, or you can easily fly off the handle. You cannot master, something you are not cognizant of. This is why it is crucial to understand your emotions and how to control and harness them effectively.

Being aware, enables you to understand how your emotions and action can adversely affect those around you. For leaders, awareness, enables them to handle different situations in the workplace. Remember when you experience intense emotions, whether anger or sadness, practice pausing and interrogating why you feel so. Writing down, helps you keep track of your emotions and creates a way for you to understand them perfectly well.

Practice Self-Control

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Emotions can be good and bad at the same time, depending on how one handles them. When in any situation, where emotions take center stage, learn to pause, analyze then respond. However, reacting quickly often makes things worse than they should be.

High-performing leaders have mastered the art of self-control or self-regulation when it comes to their emotions. It starts with holding yourself accountable when things get out of control. Establish important values, that you will not be willing to compromise ethically. When these values are clearly outlined, it makes it easy for others to respect you and in return, you will do the same for them. Learn to be calm or else you will drown in the storm.

As a leader and even an individual being calm, enables you to respond correctly. Responding calmly is the epitome of emotional intelligence.

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Be Empathetic

Immerse yourself in how others feel, by closely monitoring their verbal and non-verbal cues. Being empathetic does not mean you voluntarily allow others to step on you. However, empathy does not mean you should compromise for unwarranted behavior.

On the contrary, it is a reminder, that people struggle with real issues within their own lives. Be kind, understanding, and empathetic in your response, this is the way of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Management

Being cognizant of your emotions, having some self-control and empathy, gets you closer to achieving emotional intelligence. The goal is to thrive with our emotions and avoid shooting ourselves in the foot when we are met by an emotional situation. Consistency is key with the above steps even you want to win with your emotions.

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Practicing the following emotional management steps will enhance your emotional intelligence immensely; Learn to pause, practice this every time, think through issues then respond soberly and logically. If you are afraid that you will react instead of responding, take a break from it until you are fully centered and ready to address it. Take a break by taking a walk or heading to the gym for a while.

Approaching any emotional issue with a long-term mindset is emotional intelligence at best. Learn to pause the question, how detrimental will my reaction be to the bigger picture? The answer to this question will guide how you react or respond.

A Wrap

Emotional intelligence is attainable and yet technical to master for many. However, it is possible with consistent efforts to understand yourself, self-regulate your actions, and practice empathy. Emotional management sums it up. Manage your emotions efficiently and generate value from them. Thrive at your workplace, relationships, or even in business by enhancing your emotional intelligence today.

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