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R Kelly Arrested in New York By The NYPD, On New Federal Sex Crimes.

A 24 page indictment against singer R Kelly, outlines 5 minors that were recorded on video performing sex acts with him according to the feds.

The document also says Kelly paid off minors, family members, and business associates hundreds of thousands of dollars for about 20 years, to conceal acts. And it was not till payments stopped, that the family reported R Kelly to the FEDS.

In the case of 2008 where R Kelly was acquitted, the document says he paid that minor and her family to keep quiet and lie to the grand jury about her being in the child porn tape.

This indictment mentions 5 victims and 4 tapes.

Payments were being made for Kelly to allegedly conceal his acts up until 2015 according to the courts.

The courts say the youngest victim was between 12-13 years old.

Imagine taking money to conceal the fact a grown man is having sex with 13-year-old girls, that is sick. R Kelly deserves whatever he gets, but it is sad the people that helped him stay free for so long get to keep the money and not have any consequences for their actions.

Kelly is likely going to jail for the rest of his life because this is a Federal indictment and they don’t play around. It is possible he takes a plea deal. R. Kelly is a true king of R and B, and indeed gifted. But, is it over for him now?

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