Things become more difficult when you are involved in a long-term relationship a Black guy and want to know if your he is serious about you.

Spending quality time with him, making each other your priority, respecting each other’s boundaries are all the behaviors of a healthy relationship. But, these things are also a part of every love relationship.

Even if your relationship doesn’t work out these things make the foundation of every relationship.

Spending time together regardless, you may still be betrayed by his sweet lies. To know when and if your boyfriend is serious about you or if he deserves to be trusted, there are 5 signs that will help you see the difference between normal relationships and serious relationships.

1- He does not hide you from his friends, family, and social media:
It is one of the most obvious and positive signs to know if your boyfriend is serious about you. He will introduce you in front of his family and friends and does not shy away from the world by saying that YOU ARE HIS GIRLFRIEND OR LADY! He will make sure that you get along with his friends and family and support you throughout by understanding and making you feel comfortable in front of his parents and siblings.

2- He listens to you every time:
Not every man focuses on listening to you and your opinions all the time. If your man listens to you and pays attention to what you say and remembers, then You are important to him. A true man will make sure to consider and take care of what you say and think. Not everyone is a good listener. Listening to your chattering or about serious matters is the sign that he appreciates you and cares for you. He takes into consideration your opinions and thoughts. If a man is not serious about you, he won’t pay attention to what you say. He will always forget what you said or will have little time to listen to you. Having a man who loves listening to your opinions and thoughts is a true blessing!

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3- His behavior never changes towards you even in your ugly times:
Life is hard and can sometimes be ugly and difficult. Having a man in your life, who supports you and sticks with you during your tough times is all you need.

There are little people in this world who show up to support you when life is hard on you. If your boyfriend is serious about you, he will stay with you and support you in your ugly times.

He won’t leave you or his love won’t change towards you, even if he sees you without make-up. Funny isn’t it? But, having a man who loves your true self without any filters is all that every woman wishes to have.

Both of you being comfortable in sharing weaknesses and secrets is also the sign that you both accept each other as you are.

4- He checks up on you:
A true boyfriend will make sure that you are alright when you don’t answer his calls or don’t show up. Even if he is busy, not seeing you or hearing from you will make him impatient and worried.

If your Boyfriend always checks up on you and does not feel shy to make the first step in texting you or calling you even if you don’t call him first thing in the morning, then Girl THIS MAN IS SERIOUS ABOUT YOU!

A serious man won’t waste time or complain even if you don’t text or check up on him first. A man who has true feelings for you will always become worried if he doesn’t hear from you. He won’t waste time or become shy to text you first.

5- He talks about you being with him in his future plans:
This sign is the most important to consider if you want to know that your boyfriend is serious about you.

A man who is serious about you will make plans and have serious goals of spending the future with you. He will discuss or ask you about when you both should move in together or about any future goals. Whether it’s decision-making or settling down, he will include you and consider your opinions in making his future plans.

Final thoughts:
Having a healthy and successful relationship is a dream of every woman. A man who supports you through thick and thin is the best thing that can happen to you. But, not all men can be serious about spending their life together all the women they see.

This article will help you contemplate his actions, behaviors, and your relationship together. If your man shows signs described in this post, then he truly is serious about you.

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