We all want to succeed in life. Whether it’s in sports, politics, business, and family.

The idea of building our dream life is intriguing. And most times, we fail.


Because success in life is hard — not complicated, not impossible, just hard.

There are lots of immigrants who have attained great heights. And we can learn a thing or two from them.

According to that legendary,  the one and only, larger than life Bahamian pastor, Myles Muroe, success is predictable!

Here are six practical tips to help you achieve anything in life.

  1. You Must Be Committed Not Motivated:

Are you always waiting for the right moment? Or do you still want to feel like it before you take actions?

I’ve got bad news for you.

Life responds to those who are committed to their goals. Regardless of what you want to achieve, you have to show up every single day.

If you’re committed to your goal, motivation will follow.

Furthermore, you’ve got to take actions right now.

Don’t wait for the right moment!

Sometimes, we tend to think that there’s a right time to start a new business, change a career, or go to the gym.

If you want to be a person of success, you must take actions.

  1. Don’t Seek The Approval Of Others:

There’s nothing wrong in getting the inputs of friends and family members. However, you should not desire their approval.

Whenever you have a project to execute, you should seek expert input. But the final call is yours to make — don’t let anyone take that away from you.

  1. Have A Realistic Goal With Plan:

A goal without a plan is like a body without a soul.

When you want to set a goal, you should set realistic goals.

For instance, if you are earning $3,000 per month, a goal of making $5 Million per month is not realistic.

You should aim for a 25%-30% increase.

When you set realistic goals, you can easily accomplish it. And that will build your confidence and willpower.

Also, you should have an actionable plan. If you want to increase your income by 25%-30%, what’s your course of action?

Do you want to start a side business? Will you ask for a raise?

After you set your goal, make your plans, and get to work.

Goal setting is a vital part of success. But one dream killer you should avoid is setting too many goals.

Don’t get me wrong; ambition is a good thing. However, setting too many goals sets you up for mental paralysis.

Here’s where priority comes into play. You should make a list of all your short-term goals and long-term goals, then focus on the top three on your list.  This way, you’d be able to achieve more in less time.

  1. Eliminate Distractions:

There are always lots of things to do in life. And most of these things may not offer real value to you.

Last month, I resolved to cut out distractions. And one way of doing it was limiting the amount of time I spend on Facebook.

On a normal day, I spend over an hour scrolling my newsfeed, achieving nothing.

My strategy was simple — I uninstalled my Facebook app. And I had to use the regular web browser.

Furthermore, I had to spend a maximum of 15 minutes daily on the platform. And it was spent working for a client or in a private facebook group where I was receiving some copywriting lessons.

But here’s the catch…

I used the extra time to register for an online course which I’ll complete by the end of the month.

You can use a different strategy. But the key is to replace irrelevant activities with a meaningful task that’d help you move forward in life.

  1. Focus On Your Growth:

Success in life is all about growth. Growth is an integral part of success. It makes you become a better version of yourself.

Growth also means change. To succeed, you’ve got to be willing to change, move out of your comfort zone and try out new things.

  1. Rest:

The struggle is real, but you have to protect yourself from burnout.

Taking time out to rest, and refresh yourself helps you to gain back your energy.

You’ve got to take care of yourself.

You should have relaxation and fun time. Meditation is also a way of boosting your productivity.

Creating your dream life is possible, and we can achieve anything we want in life by applying these practical tips.

Watch Myles Munroe here and gain inspiration on achieving your designed goals: 


 Do you have a productivity mantra? Share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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