Reasons why New York City is loved by Immigrants despite the High Cost of Living


New York is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but it remains the go-to city for immigrants. As time goes by, the number of immigrants continues to rise and is expected to go up in the future. But the question has been asked all the time, why NYC? Does it mean the other cities in the US do not hold a better future for the immigrants? Well, as much as you can also survive in other cities, there is something unique about New York which makes it popular among immigrants.

And without much ado, here is a list of reasons why NYC is the go-to city for immigrants.


Many say that living in New York can break or make you. So if you can survive here, you will make it anywhere. But despite all the stories you hear, in every single day that passes, lots of dreams are achieved. This, however, depends on your determination. If you work hard to make your goals, with time, you will be there.

Job market

NYC has lots of job opportunities which have forced immigrants to relocate on a do or die in search for good jobs. Though it is known as one of the crazily expensive metropolis to live in, the job market is promising.

Wage levels

Though not all jobs are paid highly, the wage levels are attractive and match with the cost of living. And if you are lucky enough to land and a nice job, nailing it in New York can be easy for you.

Immigrants support

Immigrants love supporting each other and sharing. The reason why it is easy for immigrants to survive in NYC as compared to a natural born citizen is that immigrants love helping each other. When the cost of housing is high, they share the rent to cut down the costs.


New York has over 800 spoken languages, and despite the country you come from, there are high chances you are going to meet people whom you share the same culture. Different community help centers are also available and offer assistance to new immigrants by searching jobs and connecting them to their community.

New York is probably one of the friendly metropolises for immigrants in the world. You don’t need to know someone to survive. The community is welcoming and helpful. The job market still holds a promising future for immigrants and remains the most loved city in the US. So if you may be planning to relocate to the US, why not give NYC a try.


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