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I bet if this had been a question, you would have found it difficult to answer. This is because success is a word meaning different things to different people. To one person success is being able to buy the latest iPhone. To another person, they are successful when they get a new car.

Traditionally, people view success as fame, wealth and power. Many of our onscreen celebrities have these but are still battling depression and unhappiness. These two negative emotions are certainly not a by-product of success. So, if these are not the true expressions of success, what then is?

The truth about success is that it is less about acquisition and more about an actual sense of accomplishment and happiness. Seemingly insignificant and ephemeral feats can be considered as a success so long as this is the desired result of the achiever.

This is because success is not based on how huge an achievement is. But on its ability to satisfy and birth the inner feelings of self-worth and achievement for the individual. 

5 Biggest Successful feats in Life

Now that we have established that success in life is not limited to owning houses, cars or fancy things. Let us look at some seemingly mundane things that are actually some of the biggest successes in life of all time.

  1. Having a Successful Relationship 
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According to a study, about 42% of all black married couples in the United States get divorced. Though the rate of divorce is decreasing, still the implication is that in every 13 seconds, at least one divorce is concluded in America. 

There is no doubt that no relationship is perfect, every relationship has its own uniqueness, issues and challenges. But in the light of the alarming rate of divorce among couples, having a successful marriage is a huge success. So though you may not be living the five-star lifestyle, if you have a successful marriage, celebrate this.

  1. Childbirth 

Having successful childbirth may seem like an easy feat and not worthy to be listed as a success. After all, there are over 7 billion people in the world. But statistics suggest otherwise.

It may surprise you to know that the United Nations Population Fund in 2017 reported that 808 women die every day from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes. This means that the maternal mortality rate is 44%. 

With this, you see that carrying a baby through the nine months term and delivering same is a huge success. The fact that it is not characterized as such is immaterial. Likewise, try getting pregnant without success for years and see if finally having a baby is not an achievement.

  1. Buying Your Dream House
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A survey done by Redfin in 2020 revealed that about 44% of African-Americans own their homes. This is 30% less than the percentage of white families who own their own homes in the United States.

Buying your own house is never an easy feat. It requires many years of hard work and self-denial. So when you manage to bit all the odds and finally buy your dream house, go ahead and relish the feeling. No matter how ephemeral the joy maybe, understand that this is a success that many can only wish for. 

  1. Landing your Dream Job

One of the most depressing things is having to do a job you don’t like. Due to the hassles surrounding getting the job of their dream, many settle for less. As a result, they rob themselves the joy that comes with doing what they love.

However, happiness is an intrinsic characteristic of success. Doing what you love is another type of success. More so, when you desired and worked hard to get it. So when next you apply for your dream job and get a spot in that company, count yourself very successful.

  1. Graduation
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Interestingly, only 14% of black adults hold a bachelor’s degree in America. While more than 40% of students who began a four-year college program still have no degree six years later. What this means is the almost 2 million college students drop out before they earn a diploma.

These statistics are hurled at you for a reason. So when you earn your diploma or graduate from college or an online course, count yourself successful. This is because many who started this journey with you for some reasons did not make it. So why not duff a cap for yourself who did.


Contrary to the general view, you attain true success when you achieve anything you desired and worked hard at getting. So long as there was an element of anticipation and hard work put into achieving that feat, that passes for success. In light of this, you find out that you are more successful than you think. So let’s raise a glass to you.
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