Starting a new romance is exciting but it’s even more thrilling when you’re dating a good black woman. As a man, your first instinct may be to show off your new woman to your family and friends but it is more important to make sure she’s the right woman first. Nobody wants to invest good time in a relationship just to give it up in the end. If you don’t want this to be your story, start out by recognizing a good woman from the very beginning. How can you do this? I will provide 12 signs you should look out for in your woman to be sure she is a good black woman. Here you go:

1. She is smart

Smart women make a good home. Having a smart woman will ease your journey in life. Occasionally you can depend on her intelligence to sustain you whenever you’re down or hit rock bottom. A smart woman will join hands with you to fulfill your goals, she can even help you out of trouble. Dating a smart woman means having two people to brainstorm solutions in times of crises and not just one person bearing the pressure.

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2. She is honest

You want to have someone who’s words you can trust. It’s of no benefit dating a woman and having to vet the authenticity of her words every time. You don’t want to do that for the rest of your life, do you? Dating a good black woman, who is honest even when she’s done wrong, is a priceless treasure to have. Don’t underestimate the value of an honest woman, you will always need one by you.

dating a good black woman

3. She is optimistic

Life will not always be a straight line, you will both experience downtimes. What matters is having someone with a positive mindset to go through those times with you. Imagine having a strong black woman who can keep you encouraged whenever you want to give up. That’s a woman worth keeping.

4. She compromises

You both will always have conflicting ideas or opinions on different matters because you don’t have the same upbringing. However, the ability to always find the balance is vital to the survival of any relationship. If you’re dating a good black woman, she will occasionally give up some things to please you. Although both partners must be able to compromise to keep the relationship healthy, you should be sure your woman has that ability.

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5. She laughs with you

We all want someone we can laugh with and cry with. Having someone who finds you funny is a blessing. She might even laugh at your bad jokes! It doesn’t make you a good comedian, it means she loves you. Laughter is truly the best medicine for the soul and a good woman who brings this to the table will be a soothing balm to many areas of your life.

a happy woman

6. She doesn’t hold grudges

Hold on to any woman that is open and doesn’t bottle up offenses. Even from the early stages of dating, you can tell if she is the type that has an open heart. Does she tell you when you hurt her? Does she pile up offenses? Answers to these questions can save you a lot of headaches later in your relationship.

7. She is close to her parents

You might be wondering what her relationship with her family has to do with you, but you should never underestimate the power of family. If you’re dating a good black woman, she will have a good rapport with her parents and family. The way she treats them is probably how she will treat you and your family. Unless under special circumstances, you want to go for a woman who is gentle, kind, friendly, and loving with her own parents and family because that is what you expect to get.

8. She is generous

A woman that is stingy to herself will be stingy to you. Finding out how generous your woman is to herself and others early on in a relationship. This is because times will come when you might need to thrive on her kindness and generosity. Generosity does not only refer to money, but it could also mean giving gifts, time, support, attention, and other vital things every relationship needs.

9. She is calm during a fight

You both will have heated moments from time to time. But a partner that provokes you to physical abuse every time you fight is not a good one. The intensity of a fight can always be controlled if one of the parties can remain calm. The ability of your woman to calm herself and consequently calm you shouldn’t be underestimated.

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10. She is crazy about you

Love is raw and should be displayed raw. You want a woman who is crazy about you and wants to be involved with you all the way. If she gets angry with little stuff, it’s a sign that she wants to protect you and make sure that you’re always safe. This is a very important sign to look out for in a new relationship, and if your woman has it, keep her.

loving a good black woman

11. She is independent

Dating a good black woman also means dating an independent woman. Being independent is one of the top qualities of a good woman and this is also essential to the success of any relationship. Having a woman who doesn’t depend on you for everything is very important. A woman should be able to take care of herself, have her own life and goals. If your new partner has this quality, she’s definitely a keeper.

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12. She sees past your flaws

No one is perfect and we are all constantly learning and improving. This is why you need a partner who doesn’t charge every little mistake to your account.  Some ladies can be very impatient. They forget the fact that they aren’t perfect themselves. However, a good woman who is very understanding is worth more than gold. She can help you learn and grow as you help her do the same.  

a good partner


There you have it, 12 distinguishing qualities of a good black woman. Having a quality woman is important. For this reason, we implore you to take these 12 signs seriously and look out for them early on every date. When you’re finally dating a good black woman, you will surely know it and enjoy it.

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