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On the End SARS protest in Nigeria, the streets of many Nigerian cities have been flooded with chaos following the Nigerian youth protest against police brutality. Many people have been killed, and the social impasses in many states around the country aren’t yet over. This video shows a concerned Nigerian abroad who speaks to support  and advise the youth.

The video is a call to wise up. It uses story to help clue in the youth on their knowledge gap. Nigeria has a long history, and the regions that came together to form what is now called Nigeria has a longer history and tradition. Like one Yoruba wise saying: “Even if a child somehow experiences a gap in his/her knowledge of history, the first hand experience of people who lived that history will survive in some kind of oral storytelling, and this type of storytelling is the key.”

The message is loud and clear: they need strategy to win this fight, and many more – if they are serious about restoring peace, justice, and economic freedom to the nation.


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