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Politician Daughter was Shot Dead on Nigerian  Highways

The daughter of  Afenifere chairman, Funke Olakunrin a Nigerian political party was reportedly murdered last week with bullets fired directly at her by hoodlums who reportedly  came out of the bush to rob and kidnap their victims for ransom. The scene took place at Akure in Ondo State, South-West section of Nigeria. She was reportedly traveling from Akure to Lagos on Saturday July 13th along with 4 others in her vehicle. 

Only Olakunrin was shot repeatedly, and no investigation is being conducted to establish whether her killing was politically motivated. Olakunrin was buried this past Monday. She was 58 years old. 

Her father, the icon of Afenifere is 93 years old. He first resigned his chairmanship of the party in October 2015 citing old age, and reportedly withdrew the same resignation a month after. 


Algeria Won Africa Cup of Nations

The Algerian Eagles beat Senegal 1-0 in Cairo Egypt and  got another chance since 1990 to adore that golden cup again. Thousands reportedly poured out to celebrate and welcome the team this past Sunday. 


Boris Johnson, an African Enemy,  Rules UK

Boris Johnson, the leader of British conservative party, and right hand man of Trump, officially became the Prime Minister of UK this past Tuesday. Like the all too familiar style in the US, he reportedly fired half of the cabinet members; singling out his past critics in the mix. Boris is set to purse Brexit by all means necessary.

SOURCEAfroGist Media, Inc.
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