Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before congress about his findings during the Mueller Investigation. The goal of his testimony seemed to be to help those who have not read the full 448-page Mueller report to understand what it says. Although Mueller cannot indict a sitting president, and can therefor not make any accusations about his guilt, it is clear from the report and testimony that the president has committed a crime.

Read a redacted copy of the report yourself (below).

Image from Mueller Report (

The Special Counsel concludes that Russia did interfere with the 2016 election, both by creating a social media campaign of misinformation and by hacking and releasing Hillary Clinton’s missing emails at strategic moments during the trump campaign. Trump, who had business dealings in Russia at the time, knew about, and welcomed their help. But there’s more.

After Trump learned of an investigation into Russian interference, he did all he could to prevent the investigation from continuing. He fired the FBI director, attempted to fire Robert Mueller, and lied about his business dealings with Russia. Mueller said in his testimony that there is sufficient evidence for Trump to be indicted for obstructing justice when he leaves office.

There are a lot of arguments in Washington about impeachment. While many of the new, progressive democrats support the idea out of moral obligation, Nancy Pelosi, the democratic speaker of the house, disagrees. She argues that with a Republican controlled Senate, the President could not be removed from office, making impeachment a waste of time.

Do you think the president should be impeached? Send us your comments.

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