On Saturday night, 12 people were shot in Brownsville Playground, while celebrating “Oldtimers’ Day,” a peaceful neighborhood event. Jason Pagon, 38, died. Seven other men and five women were also struck by bullets and transported for treatment. One of these victims is in critical condition.

Congresswoman Yvette Clark said, “These 12 victims are someone’s, brother, father, uncle, son, sister, mother, aunt, someone’s daughter. I pray for these victims and their families. Brooklyn is where I was born, raised, live and represent today and I am deeply shook that our community has been confronted with such a tragedy. I pray for healing. I pray that my colleagues in Washington will finally put politics aside to enact common-sense gun violence prevention legislation, so going forward no person will be fearful to attend community events, like last night’s Old Timers Day block party in Brownsville.”

Photo by annie bolin on Unsplash

The last year has been a big one for gun legislation, thanks in part to the survivors of the Parkland shooting, but there is still more to be done. Although the National Rifle Association has been “buying” both democratic and republican politicians since their inception, keeping gun reform laws suppressed, few democrats are accepting donations in their 2020 campaigns. The NRA is losing money at an alarming rate and both their president and lobbyist have resigned in the past three years. Furthermore, 2018 polls showed that 75%of Americans, from both sides of the political spectrum, support stricter gun legislation. The tides could be turning.

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