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The Point African Restaurant

The Point African Restaurant

The Point African & Caribbean Cuisine – The Touch of African and Caribbean Blend

The Point African Restaurant-When it comes to tasty African dishes that make you long for places unknown, The Point gets the point. Situated on Webster Avenue in the Bronx, NYC, our restaurant blends those delicious authentic African recipes and delicatessen you really need to taste for yourself. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients, and we are reputable for that “homecooked” meal vibe.

We are always on the go to create an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority. We believe in taking down any barriers that come between us and our customers, which is why we have online order services as well. You only have to use this link to order one of the finest Ghanaian and Caribbean African ethnic food in NY.

The Point is On Point

An amazing menu that includes your favorite HOMECOOK dishes with ingredients all the way from Africa. Our customers are always hungry for more, and this is the point!

Come and taste our extensive modern menu of Ghanaian dishes!

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