Over the course of last week, at least Six mass shootings were widely reported on. 42 people were killed, and 108 people were injured. Some of these shootings were actions of domestic terrorism brought on by white supremacists. This is truly a tragedy.

The President responded yesterday by calling for bipartisan gun legislation, seemingly blaming the democrats for the current situation. It should be noted that, objectively, democrats have been fighting for stricter gun legislation for years, and republicans have always fought against them. The president also talked about marrying this legislation with immigration reform, despite the El Paso shooting being an anti-immigrant hate crime. Never the less, the president is calling for stricter gun legislation, which is an incredibly important step.

What actions do you think the president should take? Many Americans call for a ban on assault weapons. This would mean that while you may own a handgun or rifle, you may not own an automatic machine gun. Do you support this form of gun control (other forms of gun control include stricter background checks and mental health evaluations, making it harder to purchase a gun)? Leave your comment below.

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