Robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are the next big thing in the world.

In Nigeria, there are a couple of young folks who are doing amazing things in the tech world — one of which is Basil Okpara Jr.

Basil is a 9-year old Nigerian who uses Scratch 2, a free programming application to create mobile games. He has developed over thirty games with Scratch 2.

With Scratch 2, users get to create animations, stories, and games.

As a toddler, Basil has always been fascinated with video games. Due to his keen interest in video games, his father got him a tab and also registered the lad into Codefest International camp.

The knowledge acquired during the camp has helped Basil create lots of video games.

In Africa today, there are lots of young folks like Basil, who are doing awesome things. And with the increased investments from giant companies like Microsoft and Google, Africa would be the next hub for young coding stars.

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